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Month: October 2016

How Lovaganza Is Pushing For Unity And Tolerance Across The World

Lovaganza runs an entertainment franchise that has come up with new measures that will see the achievement of unity across the world. One of the reasons the company has been advertising their presence is to create awareness about their 2020 celebrations that will bring together all countries to celebrate different cultures and the rich diversity that defines us. Lovaganza has invested a lot in technology and they have spent years researching about possible methods they could apply to attract the attention of the whole world.

According to Lovaganza, their global celebrations will be unique and probably no other company across the world has ever arranged such an event. They will have a clear setup that will pass a strong message through entertainment. Preparations leading to the main event are already on and in most countries they have completed shooting trilogies to be used while marketing the event.

Initially, the company had settled for 2015 for the celebrations but later considerations and review reveled that there would be insufficient time to make all the arrangements and deliver a spectacular presentation. The technological features proposed earlier were not at par with the current trends in entertainment technology, so Lovaganza saw it fit to shift the dates so they could prepare and include superior features that would bring the presentations out in a unique manner.

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Additionally, there was need to inject some time and resources to marketing the event and sharing with the whole world a preview of what should come in the main celebrations. With the new dates, Lovaganza is set to proceed with the event and ensure as many people as possible enjoy and benefit.

Promoting the event
To promote the celebrations and allow people to understand what it entails, Lovaganza has come up with a team called the Traveling Show, which will visit different counties and venues to showcase the events that await people come 2020. The role of the show is to ensure all people understand the reason it is necessary to take part during the celebrations.

With lots of entertainment, Lovaganza will also air trilogies prepared showing the diversity of the world and giving a hint about the benefits people will get for joining in the celebrations. Most importantly, Lovaganza has sponsored the formation of a foundation that will champion the fight against social injustices and ensure children are assured of their rights like access clean water, food and education.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Applies his Expertise to Find Solutions to Sleep Apnea

Worry about the destructive effects of sleep apnea has increased in the recent past. Research shows that there is a correlation between conditions like diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnea. A sense of urgency to tackle sleep apnea has led to the consultation of Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Thanks to his experience in sleep disorders, he has been charged with the responsibility of leading the cause to treat those with sleep apnea.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel with the help of his team has come up with a model for principal and secondary care physicians that calls for the inclusion of certified sleep physicians. This model increases opportunities within the medical community and results to better care for patients. Dentists have also joined the physicians and sleep physicians to offer clinical support.

Progress has been noted regarding devices as new devices are coming up to assist in clinical care. One such device is the THN Sleep Therapy. This device was developed by ImThera Medical and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for experimentation in clinical trials. The great aspect of this implantable device is that it does not require the use of uncomfortable masks or noisy machinery. This makes it more user-friendly consequently encouraging patients with sleep apnea to seek treatment. More progress was also noted when the FDA approved the stimulation of the upper airway. This was after it became clear that treatment was necessary to stimulate the airway muscles to stay open to allow the patients to sleep well.

About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a guru in the treatment of sleep disorders. His first solo establishment was a dental practice by the name Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. His prowess at the trade earned him the designation of Best Dentist from the community for some years. It was during this time as a dentist that he began exploring the possibilities of dentists and physicians helping each other treat sleep disorders.

To assist dentists to break into the world of treating sleep order, he established Dental Sleep Masters in 2014.Dr. Avi has a rich educational background having graduated from Rutgers University. While there, he specialized in biology and psychology. He is also a DDS graduate of the New York University College

Four Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation Effectively.

Brand identity is vital in today’s business world. The brand projects the type of value you’re adding to the market to entice the customers. The name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface all play a huge role in the type of image you want to project to your clients. It is in that spirit that today we feature tips on how to manage your brand’s online reputation:

  1. Publicity

People often claim that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Wrong. As a brand and business, you should always strive to maintain a great reputation. Sure, many people might argue that bad reputation will get you publicity, which is true but then ask yourself: how many businesses or customers will want to conduct business dealings with a company in the news for all the wrong reasons? Therefore, focus on having a Reputation Defender and making the reviews and  news for being an expert and a leader in your field of expertise.

  1. Build Connections With Your Customers

Personalize every business transaction with your customers both online or offline to give them a positive experience. Building relationships make people feel good about your brand. When the customers are appreciated, they are likely to come back to offer you more business and will likely recommend your brand to their colleagues and acquaintances.

  1. Accept Criticism Well

We live in a world where you cannot satisfy everybody all the time. It is likely that your business will receive negative feedback from a customer along the way. If this happens, always be prepared, take in the critic and have a system that will address the complaints. Being defensive about critic will create a bad reputation which will keep customers away from your brand. However, projecting openness redeems the brand and retains the customer.

  1. Update Content On Your Online Platforms

Manage content in both your website and social media platforms. Regularly post events and news on new products, services or promotions. Dormant online platforms rarely get any new visitors. Regularly updating content will not only help your brand remain relevant online but will help maintain and generate new users.

We believe that the tips above when put into practice will help boost your brand’s reputation and achieve the kind of perception you want for your brand.


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The first client that every worked with White Shark Media three years ago is still with them. The company now has over 100 employees in three countries with lots of expertise in Google Adwords, Analytics, and Bing Ads. The company was doing so well in 2012 that the members got a chance to visit the Google HQ. The partnership with Google has gone very well so far. Lots of awards have been given and valuable advice received.

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