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IAP Worldwide Mission

IAP Worldwide is the number one Global Logistics provider that provides advancement in professional and technical support services. The company boasts of 60 years of existence, where it was involved in solving problems and challenges for its clients. The company started as a contract to support the US Army in providing generator supplies when they were undertaking operations overseas. The contract proudly supported the troops, while they were in Saudi Arabia in an Operation Desert Storm.

The company maintained trusted partnership with the US military. It has continued to win international contracts on Monster in procurement and other facilities management such as emergency reliefs and organizing transportation in places hit by the disaster. Through this partnership, the company has earned contracts worth over $370 million, maintaining the number one position in that industry.

IAP Worldwide Services maintains a high level of commitment to its mission and has been rated as the best employer in the world. In the year 2016, IAP acquired JCWS and the whole of its other subsidiary Readiness Management support (RMS), to merge and form the IAP worldwide Services. The company has made other acquisitions in its strategy to expand and meet the high demand for its products and services, mostly in unexpected events such as natural disasters and wars. In November 2015, IAP acquired DRS Technologies and Tactical communications and Network Solutions, which are the companies that provide aircraft repair and maintenance. IAP Worldwide Services integrates the talents and capabilities of the acquired companies to spearhead its growth and expand its ability to provide world-class services to its clients.

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The company specializes in three lines of business. These are Professional and Technical support services, Base Operations support and Global Operations and Logistics. IAP wishes to seek solutions in the expanding market, the company acquired G3 Systems, a British-based engineering company operating in the UK and overseas. G3 has a wide capability in design, operation, and overall facilities management on Bloomberg. It gained a reputation through years of working with governments, commercial and other international clients. IAP has gained widely in terms of skills and providing efficient services and operations in both challenging and harsh environments.

Today, IAP has employed over 1600 employees from 20 different countries to operate in over 110 locations. The health, science, and technology team assists clients by ensuring that environment protection is maintained, and the level of healthcare is advanced. The company adopts the client’s problems and commits to finding the solutions to those challenges.