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Skout Brings People Together

Internet dating: The term was once only whispered in dark corners of the cyber sphere, but has, in recent years, been pushed into the spotlight through sheer efficacy. More and more people are turning their attention to dating and friendship apps to find a potential soulmate or just to have someone to talk to that also watches Doctor Who. Skout is one such app, which doubles as a meeting ground and also as a sort of game. With its point system, users are able to gain exposure across the site to vast amounts of people. Gaining points is done in a variety of ways and spending them will yield different rewards, such as seeing someone’s backstage photo, an otherwise private picture that points can unlock.

The app includes ways to cyber-flirt, including the “wink” button and the favorites list. There is also an innovative feature called “Shake to Chat”, which connects the user to a stranger for forty seconds to just talk about whatever. Users can narrow down the field of potentials to other local users or cast their cyber net to endless geographical lengths. Currently, the app is available on iOS and receiving positive reviews.

This is an important step forward in today’s lightening quick world. Where, in the past, someone might have felt isolated by geographical location or unusual hobby, they can now use apps like Skout to find other people who share the same interests, no matter how far away they are. Many have made new acquaintances, friends and even love connections by simply picking up their smartphone. By scrolling through profile pictures and reading information blurbs, users are able to make a connection to people they otherwise may never have met. Meeting new people and forging healthy relationships is essential to being happy in this crazy, mixed up world, so get out there and make some friends.

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