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Month: May 2016

Skout Brings People Together

Internet dating: The term was once only whispered in dark corners of the cyber sphere, but has, in recent years, been pushed into the spotlight through sheer efficacy. More and more people are turning their attention to dating and friendship apps to find a potential soulmate or just to have someone to talk to that also watches Doctor Who. Skout is one such app, which doubles as a meeting ground and also as a sort of game. With its point system, users are able to gain exposure across the site to vast amounts of people. Gaining points is done in a variety of ways and spending them will yield different rewards, such as seeing someone’s backstage photo, an otherwise private picture that points can unlock.

The app includes ways to cyber-flirt, including the “wink” button and the favorites list. There is also an innovative feature called “Shake to Chat”, which connects the user to a stranger for forty seconds to just talk about whatever. Users can narrow down the field of potentials to other local users or cast their cyber net to endless geographical lengths. Currently, the app is available on iOS and receiving positive reviews.

This is an important step forward in today’s lightening quick world. Where, in the past, someone might have felt isolated by geographical location or unusual hobby, they can now use apps like Skout to find other people who share the same interests, no matter how far away they are. Many have made new acquaintances, friends and even love connections by simply picking up their smartphone. By scrolling through profile pictures and reading information blurbs, users are able to make a connection to people they otherwise may never have met. Meeting new people and forging healthy relationships is essential to being happy in this crazy, mixed up world, so get out there and make some friends.

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Brian Bonar Awarded Cambridge Who’s Who Award For His Exceptional Work In Finance

Brian Bonar has earned a lot of recognition in the world of finances for his extensive experience in professional management fields. He has over 3 decades worth of experience relating to a variety of financial matters. Due to his experience and ability, Brian was recognized by Cambridge and received the Who’s Who award for Executive of the Year in Finance.

The award is in direct acknowledgement to his position at Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

It has been more than a decade since Brian Bonar took up his position as CEO and Chairmen at Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the companies Chief Executive Officer, he players a critical role in managing a variety of different aspects for the company.

This includes employees, employee benefits, and aftermarket products. The company works as a Liaison for marketing by delivering a wide variety of different programs for employees, designed to boost the efficiency of a business. These programs include business management, financial management, risk management insurance, and promotional services. You can read more: The New Frontier

Brian Bonar is also a Chief Executive and Chairman at Smart-Tek Automated Services as well as the current head of Allegiant Professional Business. He still has an active partnership with the American Finance Association as well.

The honorary award from Cambridge, Who’s Who, is based around recognized the special talents of a few individuals over the course of a year. The selection comes down to two females and two males. The committee is charged with a daunting task hunting down the most qualified executives to be nominated for the award. They focus on a variety of different attributes, such as leadership ability, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc

Brian has been recognized as a top financial executive for a long time now. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Trucept Inc. Much of his success in the world of business can be chalked up to his achievements in academics and his training. Bonar earned a degree in Technical Engineer from the James Watt Technical College, followed by earning his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Throughout his longtime running career, Brian has worked at many different companies with an outstanding track record. He has worked as a manager at IBM, and a Director of Engineering at QMS, where he was tasked with managing more than 100 different employees. Through his position as a Sales Manager at Adapted, Brian has developed an exceptional ability for marketing.

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Army Enters Caracas Neighborhoods

In Venezuela the crime is rampant, according to Open Corporates there are food shortages and daily power block outs, while people are dying in hospitals because of the lack of medicine. The nation is surely facing an economic collapse as the government wasn’t able to keep up anymore with social welfare programs after the oil prices tanked.
Now, in certain areas of Caracas, the soldiers are patrolling the streets with heavy weaponry, while checkpoints are made, according to Vice News article. This rather reminds us of war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip. Venezuela, however, isn’t at war. It is, in fact, a country with the world’s largest oil reserves.

“The life in this South American nation can be quite dangerous” says expert Jose Figueroa, though. Even before the economic collapse, Venezuela was known for the highest murder rates. Now, as dateas reports on the crisis, it only got worse. The police wasn’t enough to handle this chaos, so the military was called in to patrol the streets in poorer neighborhoods.

Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Maintain a Healthy Balance of Success and Public Service

Destined to be a doctor, Sanjay Shah pursued other endeavours that ultimately earned him his success today. The CEO and founder of Solo Capital has a list of impressive accolades under his belt as he works to better himself and his company. Specializing in proprietary trading, professional sports investments, and financial services, Solo Capital is headquartered in London. With over three dozen branches in the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, and Malta, the international boutique of financial services maintains a professional and successful attitude as they serve thousands of clients.

Shah owns the very branch that controls Solo Capital, known as Solo Group Holdings. The entrepreneur also owns the company that controls Solo Group Holdings, Aesa S.a.r.l. A man of success does not live a frivolous lifestyle, however, and is an advocate for important causes that affect so much of the world today.

After his son was diagnosed with Autism, Shah was intent on organizing a unique charitable event that would benefit research purposes of the disease. Autism Rocks was founded by Shah, and is a benefit concert that serves the purpose of receiving donations for a cure. Though he does not practice medicine, Shah is greatly involved in assisting a sick population with nontraditional means.

In conclusion, behind every successful business is a staff with their own stories to tell. Those who the public assumes is cold, strict, or simply a workaholic can actually be a family man who works tirelessly in and out of the office serving his community. Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital share mutual thirsts for success, but they also greatly enjoy serving the public in the best manner that they can.
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Laidlaw & Company’s Background and Latest Moves

Based in the United Kingdom’s financial hub of London, Laidlaw & Company also has offices across the Atlantic in the American financial hub of New York. Laidlaw specializes in investment wealth management for high net worth individuals. Services provided to individuals include financial asset management and planning using highly specialized tools such as mezzanine debt capital placement on, private equity investment placement and other technical investments.

Investment placements recently completed by Laidlaw on behalf of clients include significant moneys in AirLift Investments LLC, Shire Investments LLC, Pre-Flight Partners LLC, Pre-Market Partners LLC, and Private Partners LLC. Investment plans for clients are optimized for maximum returns on 800notes while taking into account appropriate and targeted levels of risk.

Recently Laidlaw has seen some Executive level changes that saw the appointment of Richard Michalski as Senior Managing Director in Wealth Management and Bryan Kobel as Managing Director in Equity Capital Markets. The current executive management team includes Chief Executive Officer Matthew D. Eitner, Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets James P. Ahern, and Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer John W. Coolong.

In furtherance of its 170 year history, Laidlaw & Company has grown to include regional office located globally. In the United States offices include those in San Francisco, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and Stamford. As required, employees of Laidlaw are duly licensed by regulatory entities and bodies such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (also known as FINRA).

Venezuela sues two US news companies

Dow Jones & Co and News Corp has been sued for libel by a government official in Venezuela. The government official indicated that the Wall Street Journal identified the governmental as a drug smuggler as reported by El Venezolano.

The lawsuit was filed by Diosdado Cabello-Rondon in Manhattan. Diosdado is commonly considered to be the second most powerful person in Venezuela behind the President, Nicholas Maduro. Diosdado is serving as the Vice President.

The Presidency of Maduro has been blighted by much suffering by Venezuelans who have been hard hit by the decline of oil prices in accordance with the worldwide glut of oil. The opposition to the Presidency first tried to oust him with a court order and is now attempting to start a referendum to remove the President from office. Many Venezuelans like expert David Osio himself, are unhappy with the current economic situation of the country and are looking for a change.

Diosdado filed an eight page complaint identifying that false statements were made in an article from 2015 discussing laundering in accordance with other high ranking members of the cabinet. Comments were made that the articles by the Dow Jones & Co and News Corp led to significant reputation loss as well as financial damage.

Lawyers for the Dow Jones & Co and News Corp have indicated that they are currently reviewing the lawsuit but do not believe that it has merit and rely on the quality of their news reporting.