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Friendships Have No Boundaries

International Online Friendship Day is on February 3. This year marks the second annual observance of this day. SKOUT is a global app that enables people to meet other people through online means. Without technology, most of these long distance friendships would not exist.

Christian Wiklund is the CEO and co-founder of SKOUT. Last year alone, SKOUT helped connect more than 680 million people around the globe. They are still growing. Having friends you never meet seems to be a trend and the new norm in today’s technologically advanced society in which we live.

SKOUT did a recent survey to collect data on online friendships. The survey revealed some very interesting facts. Almost 80% of people online say they have friends they have never seen before. Out of these people, 83% say they want to meet their never before seen friends one day. Over 60% of Americans on social media say they have a least five online friends with some having at least ten. Also, about 65% of Americans have friends from a foreign country. Mobile phone apps enable over 90% of Americans to connect and communicate with online friends each day.

Mobile Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and with whom we communicate. No longer are we tied to land lines or desktop computers. We have the capability in our hands to reach the other side of the world with a few pushes of a button. This is a very powerful way to communicate. It means we always have a means of communicating at our disposal. Reconnecting and connecting with new friends enables to world to connect in more ways than we could ever dream of. No longer can we have a disconnect with places far away. We have the capabilities to reach them. We only have to reach them.