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Month: February 2016

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus Linked to Birth Defects

A short while ago, in 2015, the zika virus started to circulate to nine Latin American locations, which include Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, and ended up making the World Health Organisation give warning concerning the hazards of zika and the possible effects that it may have in individuals that ended up infected.
In Brazil, the initial cases of zika virus transpired in April and every since then, the continual increase in the amount of cases of illness has increased dramatically causing worry amid health officials and doctors in the country. The indicators of zika virus are not serious and the virus can be managed, states Dr. Cortes, the thing that is absolutely stressing medical professionals is that there is a causal link between zika and microcephaly, and maybe with Guillain Barré syndrome.

As outlined by Dr. Sergio Cortes, medical doctor, Guillain Barre syndrome is a really severe neurological ailment, autoimmune sickness, which in line with surveys conducted with the WHO, can even be connected to zika virus. The connection of the virus and microcephaly, in turn, was verified at the end of August by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

The zika virus not a contagious disease. Thus, it can not be transmitted from one individual to a different person. The sole method of getting the disease is from the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and that is also to blame for the transmission of dengue fever and chikungunya. Having said that, notes Dr. Sergio Cortes, any time a mosquito that’s not infected with Zika bites a person infected, the mosquito seems to generally be contaminated and from then commences to transmit the illness to those people who are subsequently bitten, therefore producing a series of reactions that become challenging to handle.

Over-all, the Aedes aegypti prefers to replicate in clean water and in such cases, just about any site serves as a potential breeding grounds. Dr. Cortes notes that even water bottles, if they contain water, can become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Nevertheless, even though it is a lot more convenient to reproduce in spots with clean water, the mosquito can certainly adapt to different cases, and is able to breed in waters made up of organic elements. Sergio Cortes cites a current report where it was confirmed that the eggs of Aedes aegypti can continue to be inert inside a dry spot for a duration of up to 12 months, waiting for contact with the water to develop.

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On an Individual Level, Urbana is Outpacing Most

Jon Urbana is an individual who has developed many different skills in physical and creative areas of his life. He is most well known for the amazing achievements he has made in the world of collegiate lacrosse. His skills do not stop solely in the world of athletics, yet they span across many of the creative fields as well. Urbana has also been a very skilled individual in the field of business. It is easy to see why many look to Jon Urbana as a beacon of success. The many talents of Urbana only seemingly continue to grow as he continues to become a much more creative individual.

Jon Urbana has been known to the Twitter world for his charitable contributions as well. Earth force is one of the great ways in which Urbana has been able to create change in the environment. Earth Force encourages youth to become activists in their own community regarding the environment.

Urbana has taken his passion for the environment into his video skills as well. Urbana has created amazing landscape and wildlife videos that captivate his amazing new skill in this area. As the time goes on, Urbana is becoming much more proficient in the field of videography.

Urbana has also started to create beautiful music as well. With only a guitar and a piece of music software, Urbana has been able to create some very beautiful music.

Urbana continues to show his prowess in the world of business. Urbana’s lacrosse summer camp is his main business venture that is keeping him occupied, but there are always new ventures that Urbana is looking to be a part of.

QNET- Global Partner in Life Improvement Efforts

QNET is a prominent direct sales corporation started in 1998 in Hong Kong. Since then, it has grown to be one of the world’s most recognized direct selling organizations. Since its start, QNET has expanded to many countries in Asia including the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company has over 25 offices, privately run franchises, and stockists all over the world. India is just one of the countries that has benefited from the vastly spread wings of the QNET corporation, with 3 offices located in that country. 

QNET however, is not just about business. They are also a leader in world humanitarianism. Recently, QNET made a substantial financial donation of Rs. 75 Lakhs to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the victims of the Chennai flood at IIFA Utsavam, an award show honoring the South Indian Film Industry. This year’s award show theme was dedicated to the flood victims and received overwhelming support from the entire film industry in that region. QNET – WE CARE’s motto is Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and this was powerfully echoed in the program theme. 

QNET-WE CARE is a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiative started by QNET in India. The initiative focuses not only on victims of natural disasters, but impoverished, underprivileged or disabled individuals as well. The monetary donation as well as one providing material goods such as cooking pots, mats, sheets and household good to 200 affected families whose homes had been washed away by the flooding came through QNET – WE CARE. 

To ensure the proper distribution and management of allocated funds, QNET- WE CARE has teamed up with Lions Club, another giant in the global race to help those in need. The organization also encourages each member of its team to get involved and be ‘hands-on’ in helping others. This increases morale and a sense of well-being amongst employees. They even provide sporting activities for the physically handicapped.

Recently, QNET partnered with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) and became it’s official direct sells partner for the next three years. QNET takes a special interest in sports because they feel that the passion, enthusiasm, and drive of a team on and of the sports field reflects that of their own not just in business, but in the world community as well.

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Why Soros Is Right About The Possible Collapse Of The EU

George Soros agrees with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel that the European Union is being pushed to the brink of collapse by the current immigrant crisis. To fully understand how the crisis is going to impact European Union, you need to understand a few things from NY Books about the union and a few things about George Soros.
The EU

The European Union essentially acts as one country because all 28 countries in the union signed what is known as the Shengen agreement. The pack creates what is known as the Shengen area. What this means is that you only need to enter the European Union once with a foreign passport. Once inside the area, you are free to move around as you please with limited security. Citizens of Shengen countries are also allowed free movement across the concert. They can get a job and live in another country with limited security.

The European Union also uses one currency — the euro. And since the Shengen area allows free movement of people, it also allows the free movement of money. So a financial crisis that affects one country, affects all countries. This is a hard lesson learned from the Greek bankruptcy crisis of 2011.


There is great fear in Europe, partly due to the free movement insured by the Shengen agreement. There is real fear of terror attacks. The fear comes from immigrants flooding into the European Union from Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Once inside of Europe, these immigrants are allowed free movement and citizens fear terrorism. With this fear, valid or not, tourism takes a downturn and hits Europe’s economy.

Soros And The Immigrants

George Soros is a hedge fund manager who is semiretired and sits on a mountain of money — $27 billion. He is also a former immigrant that escaped war-torn Turkey shortly after World War II. He found success after graduating from the London school of economics and he believes that the vast majority of immigrants are good people just like him.

He also sees their influx as a threat to the economy of the European Union. Millions of immigrants could enter the Shengen area, threatening the economies of all the countries in the European Union. When one country takes a hard-line stance on denying immigration, it does not matter. The Shengen agreement makes it impossible to take control of the crisis.

Soros believes that the people of Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel need to take responsibility as the most powerful country in the union. They need to lead in order to forge one immigration policy across the union that allows immigrants into the Shengen area at a safe rate, saving the immigrants and the economy of the EU.

Friendships Have No Boundaries

International Online Friendship Day is on February 3. This year marks the second annual observance of this day. SKOUT is a global app that enables people to meet other people through online means. Without technology, most of these long distance friendships would not exist.

Christian Wiklund is the CEO and co-founder of SKOUT. Last year alone, SKOUT helped connect more than 680 million people around the globe. They are still growing. Having friends you never meet seems to be a trend and the new norm in today’s technologically advanced society in which we live.

SKOUT did a recent survey to collect data on online friendships. The survey revealed some very interesting facts. Almost 80% of people online say they have friends they have never seen before. Out of these people, 83% say they want to meet their never before seen friends one day. Over 60% of Americans on social media say they have a least five online friends with some having at least ten. Also, about 65% of Americans have friends from a foreign country. Mobile phone apps enable over 90% of Americans to connect and communicate with online friends each day.

Mobile Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and with whom we communicate. No longer are we tied to land lines or desktop computers. We have the capability in our hands to reach the other side of the world with a few pushes of a button. This is a very powerful way to communicate. It means we always have a means of communicating at our disposal. Reconnecting and connecting with new friends enables to world to connect in more ways than we could ever dream of. No longer can we have a disconnect with places far away. We have the capabilities to reach them. We only have to reach them.

Dr. Segio Cortes is Now Touring the Flooded Areas of Xerém

The recent torrential rains in Xerém and the surrounding areas of Rio de Janero have brought flooding and landslides to the state and have also contributed to an ongoing health crisis. State Health Sec. Dr. Sergio Cortes has been touring the affected region and according to Extra.Globo has coordinated the establishment of seven emergency shelters help local citizens in this time of crisis. These type of heavy downpours caused by the weather phenomenon known as El Niño have only occurred in this area a couple times before which also resulted in landslides.

Dr. Sergio Cortes and his evaluation team have begun to take an aggressive action towards the contaminated waters that have been helping to spread illness and disease throughout the state and beyond. Dr. Cortes also explains how large volumes of him collect garbage have also made the situation even more severe. The Brazilian Ministry of Health along with the Federal Health Surveillance Agency have deployed special teams of of paid workers and volunteers to try to help alleviate the situation in conjunction with the upwards of 200,000 troops have also been sent throughout the nation.

The seven emergency shelters and been constructed also have the ability to house up to 300 people daily and have special chairs that have been converted into dengue hydration stations. Health Secretary Cortes is also began implemented teaching on crunchbase of workers in the emergency shelters to begin to gather samples that will be used to help better determine specifics of this situation. There shall also be classes that will be talked to local residents so that they may have a better transition using the bottled water to drink and for all their preparation needs. Bottled water could also be used for all food hygiene areas and on all plates and utensils as well.

Local residents and state workers will also be trained to be able to help find standing water that can be a breeding ground for the mosquito that has become the most prevalent transmitting agent for the Zika virus. The Zika virus has been blamed for a very large number of birth defects in Brazil. There have been almost 4000 children born with microcephaly in Brazil.Microcephaly if contracted by children of mothers that havea bitten by mosquitoes that transmit in the Zika virus upon them. The mothers in turn infect the fetus in the womb causing the child to be born with the birth defect.
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