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Month: January 2016

Wikipedia: Giving Notoriety To Your Business

Everything that we do is online now. From fact checking to an all out search for answers, this is where we turn for the info. Where do the majority of these searches end up? They end up at the Wikipedia site, the most notable source of open information that there is to the online community. If you’re a business owner or even just want to make a name for yourself, you need to make a Wikipedia page. The site is visited so regularly, that if your business isn’t on it, it’s not taken very seriously. This is a huge thing for any company.

If something as simple as having your relevant information accessible to the public will build your business model, there’s no reason not to. Wikipedia has more than 500,000 edits daily and that number is only growing. That is a lot of potential business passing you by if you don’t participate in Wikipedia business page creation. Having your company or personal facts displayed on this site gives a sense of solidarity to whomever is looking for the information. It adds a layer of confidence and commitment to your brand, whatever that may be. Try it out for yourself. Hop online, type in any big business into your search and check the Wiki for the business info. If it’s a serious company, you’ll see their page come up. 

This goes for any relevant facts you may want to know about the CEO’s that run the business and how they handle the company as well. You can really dig in and get to know a lot about whatever your need is. This works for you or your business also. When somebody looks you up and you have your own Wikipedia page, there is that instant of silent validation. The person looking up your info feels that it’s credible and accessible to them easily. If something changes with you or your business, the pages are edited accordingly for you. The best way to get the most from your Wiki page is to have a professional Wikipedia writers for hire make it for you. 

They know exactly what to do and how to build the page for your company. It also frees you up to run your business without the added stress of trying to build that perfect page. For top-notch Wiki writers check out for expert results that get your business the right attention.

Gourmet Pet Food Market Surges And Continues To Grow

An increasing number of dog owners are buying into the gourmet pet food craze, according to an article by the Daily Herald. Perhaps that is why there is an increasing number of pet food manufacturers who are catering to people who are as picky about what goes in their pet’s bodies as they are about what goes into their own. Dog owners are spending big bucks to avoid putting empty calories, fillers, and preservatives into their pet’s bodies, and are splurging on food that consists of organic meat, fish, poultry, grain, fruit, and vegetables while doing away with preservatives. The food is so nutritious and well-prepared that it is good enough for human consumption and just as tasty. Popular brand Purina put its foot in the door with the Beneful line which has 39 different formulas, including baked snacks that address pet’s nutritional needs through all stages of their lives, in addition to dealing with specific health needs like losing weight and gastrointestinal problems. Made with vitamin enhanced vegetables and real meat, it is competing with the likes of Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co., competitive upstarts with innovative ideas like refrigerated gourmet food that mimics what their dog’s ancestors would have eaten, and Rovers lamb and chicken. Beneful is part of the $23.7 billion industry this niche market is enjoying. Well-heeled pet owners are paying more than twice what lower priced dog food costs. The premium pet food market has increased 37 percent in the past year alone to $103 million. Sales of Beneful premium dog food have surged 45 percent to 10.5 billion since 2009 just in the U.S., and has cornered more than half of the market and continues to grow. Gourmet food for pets have climbed to $103 million, and increase of 37 percent in a year. For more about the gourmet pet food industry read: Premium Dog Food Sales Surge With New Innovations In Healthy Food

FreedomPop Has Taken Phone Conversations To An All New High

Unlimited plans for cell phones is something that is very normal these days, and most cell phone companies have these plans, except for AT&T and Verizon. Although T-Mobile now has plans that are unlimited, sometimes, the data is somewhat limited. AT&T has chosen to reinstate their unlimited plans recently, according to an article in Post Bulletin. Even Verizon is deciding to bring back their unlimited plans, but these plans will come at a pretty high cost. Most cell phone plans that are unlimited cost around $50 or more, it’s possible to pay $100 or more for unlimited plans with Verizon and AT&T, so choosing FreedomPop would be a better idea at only $20 per month.

It can be so annoying and even downright rude to see someone constantly talking on the phone, especially in situations where they shouldn’t. A person might be in the office, and maybe they sneak a phone call that they think no one else can hear. If someone is in a cubicle across from another person, it’s easy enough to hear that they’re having a conversation, especially when they continue on and on. There are some people who are even rude enough to talk on the phone in church, in the workplace, on a bus, on the train, in an elevator, or in other types of places that people frequent. Anyone using a cell phone should know proper etiquette at all times.

Even though many people are disrespectful with how they use their phone, there’s a reason why people have so much talk time available these days, and it’s because unlimited plans have taken over. When it was expensive to make a phone call on a cell phone, then fewer people were seen talking on their phones, especially at times that were considered disrespectful, but things have changed massively. Companies have implemented low-cost cell phone plans that make it easier for people to have unlimited texts, data, and phone calls, such as FreedomPop.

Dropped calls are few and far in between if they ever happen, and many people are very happy with the service that FreedomPop provides. Not only does FreedomPop have great service but the service is so low in cost that no other company in the USA can compare. For only $20 each month, it’s possible to get unlimited cell phone service through FreedomPop, which means making phone calls, sending text messages, and using the Internet can be done without worry about running up the phone bill or having the service cut off prematurely.

Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park had never heard of the work freedom. She had no idea what i meant. But for her to survive her journey took exceptional strength to accomplish. Yeonmi’s story on Youtube begins on March 31, 2007 in North Korea. She was only thirteen years old and the many years of her journey would take her across China, through the Gobi desert and even to the Mongolian border where she took a plane to reach South Korea. This all began for her in the dead of night as she crossed the Yalu River with her mother. Such a journey can takes its toll on a person, but for Yeonmi her, she has the strength to survive, living outside the law. Yeonmi’s father had passed away months after crossing the border to join her of untreated cancer. He never knew the things he was missing. H never knew of the kind of democracy that existed beyond his homeland. He never knew the amount of food that was available in the world beyond North Korea. However, Yeonami, her mother and father were desperate souls searching for a better life for themselves. Yeonmi’s story of survival has propelled the spotlight around the world and has captivated thousands of readers around the world. There is a lengthy video which attempts to discredit all key parts of Yeonami’ story in a melodramatic fashion. They make all attempts to vilify Yeonmi and her mother, making accusations about them being agents of the United States of America. Many doubters have emerged from outside of North Korea. Many call her a celebrity deflector. The critics claim they found inaccuracies regarding her life story and her depiction of her native country. She insists that her story is truthful, however some of the details in her story had been changed to protect her family members who still reside in North Korea. Other events during her defection, such as the claims of sexual abuse have been shrouded in shame. Yeonmo’s says she had reasons for hiding her secret. She says she did not want to admit that she had been raped. Other misstatements have been attributed to her poor command of the English language. The stake could not be higher for the community with consists of tens of thousands of North Korean refugees worldwide, even with her compelling story, any such exaggeration of the facts threatens to undermined the narrative of the widespread humans rights abuses and even political persecution. Their cause is solely dependent on her and others credibility of the stories locked inside one of the world’s most secretive nation, which makes it difficult and even sometimes nearly impossible to verify the information.

The New Age of Human Rights

Human rights have fallen under the forefront of many international organizations and agencies. The goal of providing a quality way of living to individuals around the world is a major goal, yet there are still hundreds of millions of people around the globe who suffer from inferior living conditions, not to mention access to aid and other services. This is why the Human Rights Foundation is around to raise awareness in order to help those less fortunate. It is the goal of founder Thor Halvorseen to not only help those less fortunate, but call out those who aid the suppression of these people.

There are many countries out there where the people suffer from an inferior form of life due to the leader of the country. Angola is one such location. However, Niki Minaj decided to put on a private concert for the leaders of the nation and high ranking government officials. The Santos family, which runs Angola, discovered diamond and oil. It also used money from the oil and the diamond industry to kill politicians, activities, journalists and anyone else who fought against the family rule.

The Human Rights Foundation openly asked Nicki to cancel the concert due to all of the negative impacts the leading family has on the people of the nation. In fact, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization refers to Santos as a dictator and points to all of the innocent lives he has taken in his quest for more money.

However, Nicki did not cancel her concert and she went on with performing for the dictator on Christmas Day. It points out not only the way the leading Angola family goings about promoting themselves at the expense of the nation around him, but that some people are just going to do anything for money, even if it is for deplorable individuals who are the main cause for all of their suffering.

The Human Rights Foundation is all about improving the loves of those around them and doing whatever they can to help. it is also why Thor has done what he can to start the organization and to educate those individuals who might not know some issues. It is possible Nicki did not know about Santos or anything else related to Angola. Thor wanted to educate Nicki and make sure she fully understood why she shouldn’t go about performing for such evil individuals.

Why Many People Have Continued To Emulated the Governance of Stephen Murray

United States of America has witnessed an influx in the number of investment firm in the recent years. This has been necessitated with good economic development indicators that have provided for good working relationship among different types of people and institutions. As such, many people have developed interest ion establishing renowned companies that will offer employment opportunities to large number of people. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one of the largest investment firms in the United States of America. The firm has contributed in the development of the investment industry in the current state in the global limelight. This is a privately held equity firm with interest in leverage buyouts and growth capital transactions. As such, these sectors have boosted the proceeds of the firm in the recent years to accumulate a total of 12billion dollars in assets under its management.

In 2007, the firm was recognized on due to its growth capabilities as the 7th largest private investment firm in United States of America. This gave it the preferred recognition globally thus increasing demand on the services offered. As a result, the company moved to open other umbrella branches in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. The firm has a long history where it was first known as the Chemical Venture which was a subsidiary of the Chemical Bank. The bank later acquired the Chase Manhattan Bank and later changed the name to chase Capital Partners before becoming the JP Morgan when the group changed its name. These have been the numerous steps taken towards the development of the bank and journey it has gone through till its present state. In March 2005, the company finished its separation from JP Morgan Partners to JP Morgan Chase. This was seen as the major step towards the development of a vibrant and successful firm which later adopted the name CCMP Capital.

The success story on pehub of the firm revolves around the Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP Capital Stephen Murray. He has been very instrumental in the development of the company into its current state in the society. His economic skills he earned while studying economics from the Boston College have developed the company into a prosperous entity globally. After graduating from the Columbia Business School, he started his first employment opportunity at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as a credit analyst. His exemplary leadership and governance skills made him to move through the ranks to finally become the president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray has also participated in philanthropic works like supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation of Boston College that helps needy students to acquire education. These deeds have left many people emulating his leadership capabilities in the recent years. He later resigned from CCMP Capital due to health complications and subsequently died in March 2015.