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Month: November 2015

How Far Has Doe Deere Taken The Cosmetics World?

Doe Deere has taken the cosmetics world quite a long way since she began her own line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a responsible company that appeals to women who use the most brash cosmetic colors in the world. The Lime Crime name has become a byword for the brightest colors in the industry, but the handmade quality of the products from Lime Crime is changing the way cosmetics companies produce their items. This article explains how the Lime Crime name has changed the world of cosmetics.

#1: The Color Palette

The color palette from Lime Crime is much brighter than any other in the world, and the colors get more powerful every year. Doe Deere has slowly adding stronger colors to the Lime Crime line over the years, and each new season shows a new side of the company. Ladies who want to wear the most provocative colors possible must shop with Lime Crime, and there is a virtual guarantee that more colors will come out in the future.

#2: Responsibility

Lime Crime tries to be as responsible as possible with its line, and responsibility has long been the backbone of Doe Deere’s business plan. Doe believes her vegan customers must have products to use, and Doe believes that Lime Crime should offer products that have a low impact on the environment. The products from her company are made from products that are sourced as naturally as possible, and her line continues to add more responsible products every year.

#3: Handmade Quality

The handmade quality of the products from Lime Crime is indicative of what Doe did when she began the company. Doe was able to make her own cosmetics when she sold in her eBay store, and she has made videos of herself making her own cosmetics. The design of each product looks handmade, and the people who enjoy Lime Crime take comfort knowing that Lime Crime has created a product that anyone can enjoy. The glossy nature of other cosmetics companies puts off certain customers, and those customers go for Doe Deere’s line of practically handmade products.

The Lime Crime name has catapulted Doe Deere to the top of the fashion world, and she has become a leading technology CEO at the same time. Her company sells the majority of its products online, and Doe uses her prowess as a technology executive to improve her company. Ladies who wish to build their own companies can copy Doe, and Doe is willing to offer mentoring to women who want to change their lives. Lime Crime changed the life of Doe Deere, and other women can follow her lead by changing their own lives with new businesses.

Finding Your Face With The Faces of Youtube

In the mystical and confusing world that is Youtube, individuals have staked their claims on one of the many genres that are present through out it. One of these categories is “Beauty & Health”. People are concerned about their health and about their looks, and luckily humans function in a way that enables these two concepts to be discussed together, because feeling good about how you look is an important part of being a healthy human being.

People are not born into this world knowing how to be healthy or what is healthy for one’s self and contrary to popular belief girls are not born knowing how to sculpt their faces into art, including even males nowadays. So, as is the norm for knowledge seeking adventures, people turn to the internet to find those secrets that are neglected in general education. Some head straight to Youtube, understanding that they need visual demonstrations to understand how something is made or done. For others they searched for written articles regarding these topics and maybe even a suggestion on who to watch, and behold this is one of those articles!

Now, an obvious conundrum that individuals run into is that they are not the same complexion, skin tone, or physical structure as a “Beauty Guru” that they have come across, so finding the one that fits you is important. Sona of “SimplySona” is a good example of many mainstream looks, from Kim Kardashian to Natural, even Jennifer Lawrence’s Smokey look, her skin tone also allows her to demonstrate the more “pop” based colors.

However, a favorite of the Youtube world right now is a unique individual known as Wengie. Wengie is special in that she caters to many different markets. Being an Australian Chinese is not something many people can claim, and this allows her to demonstrate many curious parts of make-up. Her eyes are typically Asian, and as such she has many videos demonstrating the various looks of Asian cultures, from Korean to Japanese, that focus entirely on how to sculpt mascara around your eyes.

Wengie’s Tumblr shows that she is not just a unique person, she is a well informed individual with a patient hand for teaching the secrets of make-up, “landscaping”, and healthy habits. She is open about discussing all aspects of body management, from hair to more hair, to the fine details of mascara lines and foundation. The creativity of Wengie knows no bounds, and you may even find yourself watching her makeup tutorials for Halloween ideas.

Overall, finding the one who works for you is whats important, and starting with an established Guru to find out what tips or ideas you are looking for is always helpful.

My Facelift Was Performed By Dr. Jennifer Walden

I’m getting older every day, and the aging first started showing my face. When I was in my early 40s, I easily look like I was in my late 50s. Many people would ask my husband why he was out with his mother, and I was so embarrassed because it was me they were talking about. My husband looked so much younger than me, even though we were both the same age. The reason he looks better than I do is because of the fact that I smoked for 20 years. I started smoking in my teenage years, and smoking only ravaged my face as I got older.

I had stopped smoking for over a decade, but no one could tell that by my face. My face continued aging as if the cigarette smoke was still in my body, ravaging my good looks. I really wanted my looks back, and the only thing I could think to do was to get a facelift. My skin was sagging, I had many wrinkles, and I would cry a lot because of the look of my face. I decided that a facelift was the only thing that would make me feel confident in my looks again, so I chose to look for a plastic surgeon.

I’m terrified of getting surgery, but I know that the right plastic surgeon will do my procedure correctly, and I’ll be able to enjoy the results. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone whom a friend recommended to me, especially since the friend had gone to her for another type of plastic surgery. I had done my research on Dr. Walden before I chose to make an appointment, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the things I saw. Dr. Walden not only seems like a very reputable plastic surgeon, but I’m also told that she is the best in her field.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Walden, and I went in with many thoughts in my head. Dr. Walden gave me every bit of confidence that I needed to go ahead with my surgery, and I chose a date for my surgery. Although I was shaking and scared before the surgery, I don’t remember much after, especially since the anesthesia was very strong. My healing was not as bad as many would think, and the results were incredible. Dr. Walden has made me look 15 years younger, and I’ll never forget what she’s done for me.

How Jaime Garcia Dias Creatively Transformed His Writing Career

Brazilian-born writer, Jaime Garcia Dias developed a passion for writing early. In fact, his late father Arnaldo, a retired journalist started him on his first piece. Unfortunately, Jaime didn’t get to enjoy a lifetime with him, but he succeeded in keeping his memories alive by writing. His mom, Mrs. Dulce Garcia-Dias was an architect. She too was an instrument of encouragement that fueled Jaime’s passion. Soon, Jaime graduated high school and continued his education at the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). He was among the institution’s top-achievers who graduated with honors.

Later according to LinkedIn, Jaime joined the CLA  (Carioca Literature Academy) faculty in 1995 as a professor. He taught Brazilian literature and three years into his teaching career, he became the academy’s vice president. The board admired his devotion to the art and celebrated his achievements. Besides his professional role, Jaime continued writing. The talented fiction author is a decorated White Crane awardee. In 2001, his award-winning novel “Caiu do Ceu,” (Fell From Heaven) earned him this prestige. The iconic Argentine, Mr. Josué Gomez led a campaign in promoting the said award-winning title. The reception in South America was an admirable victory. Jaime has spent much of his years refining Brazilian literature and his books are profound examples.

In 2007, the academy’s heads appointed him as president. The institution has adopted a new culture and it’s become a leading journalistic literature learning center. It’s particularly the country’s best according to rankings. Jaime has been the instrument behind the institution’s immaculate performance and success, and that’s really been echoed on his blog. In fact, his profound teaching style and appreciation of literature has inspired the best talents. The-Devil-to-Pay-in-the-Backlands by Joao Guimaraes Rosa is among the many elements from which Jaime drew inspiration. With these, he managed to pen his first novel.

Jaime does a weekly column, hosted by Jornal do Brasil, a renowned newspaper outlet. His recent compendium that described life growing with his dad earned him notable recognition. With twenty books published, Jaime has reached avenues many Brazilian authors continue to fantasize about even today. Among his parcel of published titles are “Canal,” “ Caiu do Ceu,” “Miuda,” “Dois Caminhos,” “Das Nuvens” and more. He’s credited with a handful of awards to his name, including the prestigious ABC-Award. It’s been bestowed upon him for his exceptional contributions as a decorated fiction writer.

The Rio de Janeiro-native strongly believes in higher education which he’s providing at CLA. The institution has produced some of the nation’s brightest aspiring Brazilian authors. He’s introduced a solid teaching technique and implemented strategies that have strengthened leadership throughout the literature community. With English translations of his titles, he’s penetrated global markets as well. In addition, Jaime has established a following by using social media resources to his benefit. He entertains English-speaking fans through YouTube and other social media channels.