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The Innovation of Status Labs

For any business that wishes to continue to thrive in the 21st century, one investment that is crucial for a business or even an individual that is in the public eye is the investment of an expert that can create a positive online presence that will lead to more customers as well as more revenue. For businesses looking to succeed, it has become important to investment in the online reputation management industry which not only keeps a positive online reputation, but also creates a plan to set in motion if bad publicity is ever involved through bad comments or even bad reviews. Website Online Reputation Reviews reveals that it has become a requirement for businesses that want to expand to create a positive online presence with the use of social media or updating information on the website to ensure that customers not only see what is sold, but also see how it is beneficial to the customer.
In recent news, one reputation management firm in particular has been recognized for the company’s excellence within the industry for not only the marketing strategy, but also for the excellent digital tools. This reputation management firm is Status Labs, a reputation management firm that is currently run by Darius Fisher, the co-founder and the current president of the company. As the leader of this company, Darius Fisher has recently won the Business Development Individual of the year which was given to him for showing his leadership and new techniques that have been introduced to the reputation management industry.

Darius Fisher earned this award not only for his expertise and innovation within this industry, but also for his leadership style in leading his employees by giving them creative reign rather than telling them what to do. With some of the top experts working for his company, Darius Fisher leaves the innovation up to them and allows them to create their own creative solution to any problem that occurs. Darius Fisher and his company are truly one of a kind and can help any business or individual that needs services within the private sector as well as within the public sector.

Dick DeVos’ Many Generous Donations

Dick DeVos is a prominent member who has made a name for himself even with being a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family that is currently residing in Michigan and a family that is known for their many generous donations to worthy foundations that specialize in making the United States a better place to live in for all. The DeVos family is particularly interested in not only giving donations to many organizations, but is also interested in giving individuals opportunities to have the best chances possible to improve their own lives for the future rather than someone improving them for them.

When reading about Dick DeVos, I found that Dick DeVos is a man with many natural talents and is a man with many hobbies and investments that have been made to preserve the legacy of his family name. In addition to finding this out, I also found that Dick DeVos is a man who is dedicated to the community that he grew up in and that he looks for ways to improve the lives of every community. Within this in mind, Dick DeVos has become passionate about education reforms. He and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have been known to give generous donations to not only schools, but also to scholarships, and to even give money to build schools.

One project that Dick and Betsy DeVos are particularly proud of is the project of building a school in 2010 with the help of the donations that Dick DeVos made. What made this school so unique is that is currently a charter aviation school that is known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that offers free education to individuals that show interest in flying. Dick DeVos even made several partnerships with colleges that specialize in aviation. For those that do well and show a true interest, this aviation high school will take teenagers all the way to college.

Dick DeVos has always showed an interest in helping individuals pursue a higher level of education. As an individual who has worked hard his entire life, Dick DeVos wants to reward young adults who have shown potential in their academics and that cannot afford a high level of education such as a four year or a two year college. Dick DeVos believes that education should be made available to every individual if they show hard work and dedication.

How Don Ressler Helped To Develop Fabletics

Don Ressler, the co-founder and CEO of the clothing companies Fabletics and JustFab, has recently given interviews describing his role in the development of his fashion empire. The successful businessman described all of the effort and hard work that he and his business partner Adam Goldberg had to complete in order to make the business what it is today. Ressler stated that his biggest dreams were always to work in the fashion industry and to operate as an executive in his own business. Both these dreams have become a reality as a result of the dedication Don Ressler has shown in his day to day involvement in the Ressler-Goldberg fashion empire.

Don Ressler gave extensive details regarding his development of the empire after its initial launch. After the business was successfully launched to the public, a great deal of effort went into the attempt to keep the clothing business fresh and relevant. Don Ressler was extremely instrumental in the continual progression of the company on the During his interview with a national business magazine, Ressler stated that his main focus after the initial launch of the company was to develop advertising campaigns that would allow consumers to see the true value of the company.

Don Ressler immediately began to strategize in the advertising department of JustFab and Fabletics. For the department of the company that represented JustFab, Ressler thought that a celebrity endorsement would be exactly what the company needed to move forward. After discussing partnerships with several people, Ressler’s team decided to partner with Kimora Lee Simons (ex wife of music mogul, Russel Simmons) for advertising purposes. Kimora Lee Simons was pitched about the product and quickly fell in love with the quality of designs represented in the JustFab line. Simons purchased stock in the company and became an active agent in its representation. JustFab was well on its way to record breaking sales at

After the partnership with Kimora Lee Simons turned out to be an amazing success, Ressler felt it was best to partner with another big name for the relaunch of Fabletics. After discussing many possible candidates, Ressler and Goldberg decided to pitch actress Kate Hudson. Hudson, like Simons, quickly fell in love with the product and made negations to add her designs to the collection. Fabletics was launched the following year and achieved even greater sales than JustFab. Don Ressler was truly elated to experience the major success of two companies that he created.

Sanjay Shah and Raising Awareness

For a fun-filled event that supports an important cause of helping children around the world, it is recommended to checkout the Autism Rocks foundation which annually hosts some of the best events to attend with some of the most famous performers that all support the donation of money towards the research of autism. Autism Rocks is a foundation that was created by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his family to further the research of this development disorder. With a young son who was diagnosed five years ago with the development disorder, Mr. Shah has been a dedicated father to learn more about how the brain processes information with this disorder.


 In recent news, Mr. Shah has created the Autism Awareness month which is officially held in April. During this month, star-studded performers will be performing in front of crowds to help raise money for this worthy cause. Stars such as Tyga, Flo Rida, and many others will all be making an appearance and will be even donating to the cause themselves. All of the donations specifically go towards to research of autism to figure out how exactly the mind processes information when diagnosed with this development disorder. These performances will not only raise money for the cause, but will also raise awareness to individuals located all over the world.


The young son of Sanjay Shah and his wife is the inspiration behind this foundation that has already done so much good. Though Mr. Shah knows that there is a reform to help those with special needs, more information is required to be provided to continue to educate individuals about the cause and what to do. This will not only save the painstaking efforts that loved ones must go through, but this will also save thousands of dollars of annual medical bills that are necessary to monitor those with this development disorder.


Autism Rocks is a charity organization that has been up and running for the past two years. Though this foundation is fairly new, it is a foundation that has already raised millions of dollars for the cause of helping to further the overall research. Though Mr. Shah has no intention of curing his young son from autism, he wants to learn more about the disorder in order to figure out better strategies that he can use for communication purposes. Though the foundation is only two years old, millions of individuals are now aware. Goes Into Full Out Review Of Wen By Chaz

There are a lot of people who are out there in the stores looking for a better kind of shampoo, and it can be pretty hard for people to find something better if they do not know anything about the industry. There are good shampoos, but the best one got a review from Wen by Chaz is a shampoo that is out there to help people with really fine hair, and it has all these ingredients that will make people feel better about their hair. It could be the first time someone actually likes the way their hair looks since they have given up on their hair.
There are a lot of steps in using the shampoo, but the steps are all explained in the article. The article goes through all the steps that have to be used. There is not a lot of the shampoo that has to go on the hair, but then the hair has to be taken care of based on washing vigorously and completely rinsing. There is so much good stuff in the shampoo that it will work on anyone’s hair when they use a few drops of it.

The person who is washing their hair with WEN by Chaz has to go right to the drying when they are done washing, and it even shows in the article that the hair looks really good after one wash. The woman who wrote the article took the time to take a picture of the fact that her hair was not shedding in the shower. That can be a pretty big problem, and it is a problem that gets totally taken care of when people are using the shampoo the right way. They can follow the instructions in the article, and then they can dream of better hair. Wen products are available online on Amazon and on Sephora cosmetics stores.


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George Soros Is Unsure Of The Bearish Market

There are many out there that are wondering whether or not that should start investing in gold given the bearish state of the market. For those who keep up with the latest news from George Soros, the financial genius and hedge fund billionaire, the answer might seem simple.

Recently, George Soros has been taking a different approach to the market and changing up his financial strategies. The Soros Fund Management recently made some large investments in gold and miners. It is also worthy to note that this is all of a sudden after being out of the markets for quite a while. Even as Soros Fund Management, which manages George’s vast amount of wealth, has been selling off many of its stocks while putting more into gold.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Guru Soros Portfolio – 2016 Stock Picks and Performances

As of now, George Soros has a very poor outlook for the coming state of the markets, which is of course the reason behind his current moves. George stated that this year was a very unstable one for the markets on a global scale, especially with what is happening over in China, with the economy trying to change focuses. He believes that a real reform is needed there, however, the political philosophies are holding the country back from these changes

That isn’t all though according to Soros. China isn’t the only reason things are unstable within the markets right now. There are also constant crises developing in the European Union and the leaders are facing challenges from every angle. There has been an ever present issue of migration and the current outlook for the euro looks bleak. There has been major questions revolving whether or not Britain will even remain part of the European Union. It is the combination of all of these things that are contributing to the highly volatile markets, and it is because of this that George Soros believes gold is the safest bet for investing right now. Currently it is unknown whether or not the markets with start gaining stability, but in George’s opinion, it will not.

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Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Encouraging Others To Reach For Success

Jim Hunt has been an integral and very visible presence in both the finance industry and the business community. He is trusted as one of the top teachers within the finance industry, providing customers with tools and cutting-edge information to utilize when working the market, and when to pounce on the correct opportunities for trade.

Jim Hunt is known for his expertise in helping others to work within his established system and mentors potential investors into making the right decisions with minimal risks involved. This in turn helps his clients receive favorable returns on their investments building up their portfolios.

VTA Publications is a firm specializing in providing customers the best and most recent information possible for spread betting. The very skilled professionals provide customers with the necessary tools and education to make money in the stock market, as well as to jump on the right chance to trade. Advisor Jim Hunt is there through the whole process, usually only a phone call or email away for those who are unfamiliar with the stock market. DVD training videos and Wealth Wave customers will learn though the education provided by the firm exactly how to profit when stocks are falling.

The Wealth Wave system that is taught to customers has been tested many times beforehand and predicts when the market is about to fall.

VTA Publications also focuses on teaching seminars and other events. To learn more, you may visit their website,

How Did We Set Up Securus For Our Church?

There are a lot of people that we have gotten invested in, and I myself have been able to talk to a lot of people through Securus in jails around the country. We are advocates that are in need of the Securus app, and we are very happy with the way that it works. It has become the most simple thing for us to use, and we are very happy that it provides care for us in these simple ways. We need to be able to call in without a problem, and we need to know that we can get help from them when we need it.

We signed up for Securus, and then we got the app on all our phones and tablets. We are spending a lot of time every day making sure that the calls are made, and the calls go through without any problems. It makes me feel really good to check in with these people, and I know that they are very thankful for it. They have needs that need to be met, and then they can ask us for the things that they need when they need them. We can move quickly, and it is nice to see them on the camera.

There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get services that they need from us, and we know that Securus makes it a lot easier for everyone to get the help they need. We are very sure that it is going to help future inmates when we approach them and offer them help. It is something that people need, and we know that Securus is going to try to make sure that we always have the best video calls and the best connections possible for our clients.

Investment Banking With Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is one of the main parts of the finance industry. The field consists of helping a number of clients raise capital. In order to raise capital many companies will usually look to issue a new stock, raise its stock value and also merge with other companies. As a result investment banking is one of the more critical fields in shaping the economy. In investment banking there are a number of functions that are done in order to make this field benefit clients. These departments include corporate finance, trading, research and mergers and acquisitions. There are also a number of people who facilitate deals such as analysts, associates, vice presidents and managing directors.

With investment banking a number of tasks are done in order to make a deal. First there is research where certain professionals will review and evaluate trends in the economy and specific industries that clients are in. There is also corporate finance in which a number of people produce information for proposals, meet with clients and finalize deals. Then there is trading in which the firm will trade the company stock and manage their assets. As a result investment banking is one of the more beneficial fields for companies that are looking to get the most out of managing their financial resources.

One investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. As well as being an investment banker he is also an entrepreneur who holds the position of chief executive officer of his company. With his company Martin helps use his experience as an investment banker to help a number of clients reach their goals. One of his most common types of clients is large companies. During his career he has helped provide advice and assistance for companies that are looking to raise capital and get the money they need in order to expand. Therefore Martin has been quite instrumental in helping companies prosper.

Another common client of Martin is individuals. Martin helps work with individuals who are looking for ways to best manage their money. He often helps them plan their retirement and therefore provides guidance to them during this process. On a regular basis Martin will help individuals find the best strategies to use when investing as well as help them work towards their goals. With his hard work and expertise Martin is able to help these individuals make the best investment decisions that benefit them in the present as well as for the future.

Weapons Historian and Writer Michael Zomber

One of the most well known weapons historians is Michael Zomber. For over four decades he has gathered weapons from the Civil War and Japanese samurai era. Once collecting these weapons he has studied them and has therefore acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about these two distinct historical periods. After studying these weapons and the time periods they were used in, Michael decided to use his storytelling ability to compliment his knowledge. As a result he has written a number of screenplays and novels. Michael has made some of them in the form of films. Therefore Zomber has provided others with not only knowledge of these two historical periods but also entertainment as well.

Michael Zomber has a passion for weapons from the Civil War and Japanese samurai eras. With this passion he has made a number of stories about these two time periods. One of the forms of stories he has made is in screenplays and films. With his knowledge and passion for these two eras, he has written screenplays which tell the story of samurai warriors pertaining to their lives and participation in armed conflicts. These screenplays and films have been quite engaging and will therefore be quite intriguing to those who share Michael’s passion for the Japanese samurai era. Zomber has also done the same for the Civil War period as well.

Another form of storytelling that Michael has made is novels. These novels are also about the samurai and Civil War eras. Similar to the screenplays and films, the novels provide a lot of insight and intriguing events that take place during the samurai era and Civil War. These novels highlight key battles as well as the use of the weapons that Michael Zomber has studied during his lifetime. Along with the screenplays and films, the novels are even more interesting stories that provide readers with an in depth perspective of these two historical time periods. As a result Zomber has provided people with engaging stories about the Japanese samurai and Civil War that they can enjoy. With his stories, readers and viewers will have a number of sources to help them learn more about these two unique and significant historical time periods. For more information, check out Michael’s Facebook page, or read his full bio on CrunchBase.