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The World of Loans is Changing

Have you ever heard of a business by the name of EQUITIES FIRST HOLDINGS? If you yourself are in the business of loans and capital, then you may have. If not, then you may have either way….for this business is a global lender as well as a one of a kind form of alternative capital that is offered here.

The main web page for EQUITIES FIRST HOLDINGS is located at Visit the page for yourself to access all that is offered. This is an experienced organization which has been around since 2002 and is currently headquartered in the great city of Indianapolis, IN.

Now then, it appears that the world as a whole is changing. In the realms of finances and the economy, it is no different….of course. Why should it be, after all? The entire world as a whole is rapidly progressing in one sole and unified global, technological direction. As such, it would be only natural that finances and money would follow suite.

Allow me to quote an article from an online web site, which was just released in July of this year. It touches base on a new observation on the matter, which was made by none other than EQUITIES FIRST HOLDINGS itself. And I quote:
Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH,, a global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, is seeing more traction in margin loans and stock-based loans in an economic climate where banks and other institutions have tightened lending criteria.” mentions that Equities First is becoming more and more used & popular as a result. It is definitely an alternative of choice. Just imagine…..there are many out there who need to raise their capital with in a short amount of time, and they are borrowers. They may also not particularly qualify for those more conventional loans which are usually based off of one’s credit review.

Quick and Simple Tips for Online Reputation Management

Bad news spreads like wild fire. Ask people about bad customer service and you’ll not find a shortage of stories with the utmost detail of a situation that didn’t go in their favor. With the internet, bad reputations will go viral, causing a business to fall out of favor in a hurry. The article 5 Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management gives responsible advice for dealing with what the internet is saying about a business.

These tips are practical, simple, and can apply to any business. Tips like “Know What’s Going on with Brand Yourself” and “Don’t Respond Immediately to Bad Press” can seem like obvious ideas, however they are quick and to the point and should be noted that even a simple bad “spark” can set a brand reputation ablaze with negativity. It’s a good idea to review even the basics of online reputation such as “Admit Mistakes and Commit to Fix them”. This article points out tips that can help any business or brand from a start up to a giant.

Ideas such as “Keep Your Site and Social Updated” can seem outdated but it’s equally important to monitor the brands site, especially in conjunction with knowing how the brand is doing. Numbers on a spreadsheet will look nice but the customer perception will mark how long the business will last. Not knowing much about online reputation, this article was a great way to start learning how to handle presence online with a brand. Short read, quick and to the point, read Miranda Marquit’s article on 5 Tips for Effective Online Reputation


TOWN Residential Offers New Yorkers Expert Help

Living and growing up in New York City means that people understand the city really well. However, growing up here does not mean buying a residential property or looking for an apartment to rent is an easy task. Even natives may find it really hard to locate the kind of property they want. For that, they can turn to real estate specialists. Those at TOWN Real Estate are specialists in the field. They know that being here means being part a community where the real estate values can change very quickly. Having access to that kind of detailed rating allows any client to get the special apartment or other property they want right here in the heart of the biggest city in the United States.

Help For Locals

Locals may be aware of various parts of the city but they might not know everything about each and every single neighborhood in the entire region. New York City is a large place with many blocks that can be vastly different. A specialist from TOWN Real Estate can help someone decide if Battery Park is a better fit than the Upper West Side. They can also offer natives specific information about important subjects such as real estate prices.

The Best At What They Do

Those at TOWN Real Estate are the very best at what they day. Each day, they come to work ready to offer help. A buyer who does not know where to begin even if they have lived here for many years may not know how to even start the process of searching for home here. In so many ways, those at TOWN can show them places they may have only walked through a single time or walked through and not really thought about before. Such is the case with the company.

New Insights

New insights are essential even for those who think they know the city. They can offer help in discovering what areas of the city offer special amenities. A resident may know the Lower East Side but may want to think about moving to Washington Heights or SoHo. Those at TOWN Real Estate can help them sort out such ideas and decide where it would be best for them to move. This is why they continue to have a highly satisfied client base as they know how to get real estate deals done in New York.

Marc Sparks Provides Hope For Aspiring Capitalists

I am someone who loves business in every way. Even as a small child, I realized how much fun it could be to be in business. My parents well remember just how much time I would spend thinking up new ways to start a business. When I grew up, I thought about being in business for myself but lots of things just got in the way. I had responsibilities I had to live up at all times, making it hard to think about my own personal needs in any way. But I also began to realize that I needed to get back to my own roots. It was with great happiness that a friend told me about a project called Spark Tank. Spark Tank, run by Marc Sparks, seemed just the project for me. So I did some research on it and investigated it closely. Find out more:

Loving The Opportunity

Here in Dallas, it is not always easy to find what you need. I realized I needed a mentor in the business world. That’s when I ran into Marc Sparks. He is someone with deep ties to this entire region. In our area, he owns a business. This is why he is deeply connected with this city. He also has done much to help promote business ventures in the area. I know because I’ve been a customer for many of them. I have found the products that he sells to be ideal for our family’s needs. It is clear that he is really in touch with today’s customers and what we want when we venture into the market for help. He has spent a lot of time in this area, carefully studying what consumers want in order to help us make our lives easier and better. I knew I was in good hands with his help.

Learning The Ropes

With his help, I realized that I had a talent for public speaking. I realized that I could speak out in front of large groups and get heard. This was truly inspiring. It was so obvious when I worked with him that people are his passion. He understands how to approach people. He also knows how to listen to them. I was delighted at being able to watch him up close and see how he responds to people. This taught me how I could do the same and get capital for my business. With his help, I have been able to figure out what kind of business I want to start. I have also been able to figure out where to go for any additional help that I need once I get it off the ground. I am really happy I met him.

IAP Worldwide Mission

IAP Worldwide is the number one Global Logistics provider that provides advancement in professional and technical support services. The company boasts of 60 years of existence, where it was involved in solving problems and challenges for its clients. The company started as a contract to support the US Army in providing generator supplies when they were undertaking operations overseas. The contract proudly supported the troops, while they were in Saudi Arabia in an Operation Desert Storm.

The company maintained trusted partnership with the US military. It has continued to win international contracts on Monster in procurement and other facilities management such as emergency reliefs and organizing transportation in places hit by the disaster. Through this partnership, the company has earned contracts worth over $370 million, maintaining the number one position in that industry.

IAP Worldwide Services maintains a high level of commitment to its mission and has been rated as the best employer in the world. In the year 2016, IAP acquired JCWS and the whole of its other subsidiary Readiness Management support (RMS), to merge and form the IAP worldwide Services. The company has made other acquisitions in its strategy to expand and meet the high demand for its products and services, mostly in unexpected events such as natural disasters and wars. In November 2015, IAP acquired DRS Technologies and Tactical communications and Network Solutions, which are the companies that provide aircraft repair and maintenance. IAP Worldwide Services integrates the talents and capabilities of the acquired companies to spearhead its growth and expand its ability to provide world-class services to its clients.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

The company specializes in three lines of business. These are Professional and Technical support services, Base Operations support and Global Operations and Logistics. IAP wishes to seek solutions in the expanding market, the company acquired G3 Systems, a British-based engineering company operating in the UK and overseas. G3 has a wide capability in design, operation, and overall facilities management on Bloomberg. It gained a reputation through years of working with governments, commercial and other international clients. IAP has gained widely in terms of skills and providing efficient services and operations in both challenging and harsh environments.

Today, IAP has employed over 1600 employees from 20 different countries to operate in over 110 locations. The health, science, and technology team assists clients by ensuring that environment protection is maintained, and the level of healthcare is advanced. The company adopts the client’s problems and commits to finding the solutions to those challenges.

Calling All Whistle Blowers

The world of finance is rife with many challenges and complications. Sometimes in this difficult sphere, certain firms will engage in unethical practices to advance beyond their competition Those who wish to preserve the integrity of the world of securities, whistle blowers, aren’t always in the most convenient position to expose shady practices. Many lose their jobs, are blacklisted, or face other deterrents to honesty. When fighting against corruption it’s always important to make sure you have someone to stand by your side in the court of law. A SEC whistleblower attorney can do just that. When you are trying to stand up against security law violators, you’ll want a SEC whistleblower lawyer on your side.

In 2010, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. As the largest piece of financial regulation law in decades, the Dodd-Frank act produced massive changes to whistleblower programs in the securities industry. It has become much easier to report violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. To help those seeking to blow the whistle on security law violators, special firms have formed. Labaton Sucharow is a prime example of these dedicated attorneys fighting for those who protect the integrity of the securities trade.

Advocating for Securities and Exchange Commission whistle blowers has a number of peculiarities to it. There are many laws to understand, data to analyze, and in many cases retribution against whistleblowers. In order to make sure whistleblowers can expose securities trade violation without their employers retaliating, we will educate whistleblowers on the laws and rights they are guaranteed in their efforts. We have primers and guides for every step of the whistle blowing process included. We make sure you will always be safe through the entire process.

Corporate ethics are a vastly important topic. The consequences of securities violations can potentially injure and maim individuals, businesses, and economies across the world. Securities fraud often leaves companies bankrupt and leaves investors with no means of recovering. Whether it’s insider traders rigging the stock market or pump and dump swindlers inflating the worth of penny stocks, everyone’s financial well-being is at stake.

Learn more:

The Innovation of Status Labs

For any business that wishes to continue to thrive in the 21st century, one investment that is crucial for a business or even an individual that is in the public eye is the investment of an expert that can create a positive online presence that will lead to more customers as well as more revenue. For businesses looking to succeed, it has become important to investment in the online reputation management industry which not only keeps a positive online reputation, but also creates a plan to set in motion if bad publicity is ever involved through bad comments or even bad reviews. Website Online Reputation Reviews reveals that it has become a requirement for businesses that want to expand to create a positive online presence with the use of social media or updating information on the website to ensure that customers not only see what is sold, but also see how it is beneficial to the customer.
In recent news, one reputation management firm in particular has been recognized for the company’s excellence within the industry for not only the marketing strategy, but also for the excellent digital tools. This reputation management firm is Status Labs, a reputation management firm that is currently run by Darius Fisher, the co-founder and the current president of the company. As the leader of this company, Darius Fisher has recently won the Business Development Individual of the year which was given to him for showing his leadership and new techniques that have been introduced to the reputation management industry.

Darius Fisher earned this award not only for his expertise and innovation within this industry, but also for his leadership style in leading his employees by giving them creative reign rather than telling them what to do. With some of the top experts working for his company, Darius Fisher leaves the innovation up to them and allows them to create their own creative solution to any problem that occurs. Darius Fisher and his company are truly one of a kind and can help any business or individual that needs services within the private sector as well as within the public sector.

Dick DeVos’ Many Generous Donations

Dick DeVos is a prominent member who has made a name for himself even with being a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family that is currently residing in Michigan and a family that is known for their many generous donations to worthy foundations that specialize in making the United States a better place to live in for all. The DeVos family is particularly interested in not only giving donations to many organizations, but is also interested in giving individuals opportunities to have the best chances possible to improve their own lives for the future rather than someone improving them for them.

When reading about Dick DeVos, I found that Dick DeVos is a man with many natural talents and is a man with many hobbies and investments that have been made to preserve the legacy of his family name. In addition to finding this out, I also found that Dick DeVos is a man who is dedicated to the community that he grew up in and that he looks for ways to improve the lives of every community. Within this in mind, Dick DeVos has become passionate about education reforms. He and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have been known to give generous donations to not only schools, but also to scholarships, and to even give money to build schools.

One project that Dick and Betsy DeVos are particularly proud of is the project of building a school in 2010 with the help of the donations that Dick DeVos made. What made this school so unique is that is currently a charter aviation school that is known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that offers free education to individuals that show interest in flying. Dick DeVos even made several partnerships with colleges that specialize in aviation. For those that do well and show a true interest, this aviation high school will take teenagers all the way to college.

Dick DeVos has always showed an interest in helping individuals pursue a higher level of education. As an individual who has worked hard his entire life, Dick DeVos wants to reward young adults who have shown potential in their academics and that cannot afford a high level of education such as a four year or a two year college. Dick DeVos believes that education should be made available to every individual if they show hard work and dedication.

How Don Ressler Helped To Develop Fabletics

Don Ressler, the co-founder and CEO of the clothing companies Fabletics and JustFab, has recently given interviews describing his role in the development of his fashion empire. The successful businessman described all of the effort and hard work that he and his business partner Adam Goldberg had to complete in order to make the business what it is today. Ressler stated that his biggest dreams were always to work in the fashion industry and to operate as an executive in his own business. Both these dreams have become a reality as a result of the dedication Don Ressler has shown in his day to day involvement in the Ressler-Goldberg fashion empire.

Don Ressler gave extensive details regarding his development of the empire after its initial launch. After the business was successfully launched to the public, a great deal of effort went into the attempt to keep the clothing business fresh and relevant. Don Ressler was extremely instrumental in the continual progression of the company on the During his interview with a national business magazine, Ressler stated that his main focus after the initial launch of the company was to develop advertising campaigns that would allow consumers to see the true value of the company.

Don Ressler immediately began to strategize in the advertising department of JustFab and Fabletics. For the department of the company that represented JustFab, Ressler thought that a celebrity endorsement would be exactly what the company needed to move forward. After discussing partnerships with several people, Ressler’s team decided to partner with Kimora Lee Simons (ex wife of music mogul, Russel Simmons) for advertising purposes. Kimora Lee Simons was pitched about the product and quickly fell in love with the quality of designs represented in the JustFab line. Simons purchased stock in the company and became an active agent in its representation. JustFab was well on its way to record breaking sales at

After the partnership with Kimora Lee Simons turned out to be an amazing success, Ressler felt it was best to partner with another big name for the relaunch of Fabletics. After discussing many possible candidates, Ressler and Goldberg decided to pitch actress Kate Hudson. Hudson, like Simons, quickly fell in love with the product and made negations to add her designs to the collection. Fabletics was launched the following year and achieved even greater sales than JustFab. Don Ressler was truly elated to experience the major success of two companies that he created.

Sanjay Shah and Raising Awareness

For a fun-filled event that supports an important cause of helping children around the world, it is recommended to checkout the Autism Rocks foundation which annually hosts some of the best events to attend with some of the most famous performers that all support the donation of money towards the research of autism. Autism Rocks is a foundation that was created by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his family to further the research of this development disorder. With a young son who was diagnosed five years ago with the development disorder, Mr. Shah has been a dedicated father to learn more about how the brain processes information with this disorder.


 In recent news, Mr. Shah has created the Autism Awareness month which is officially held in April. During this month, star-studded performers will be performing in front of crowds to help raise money for this worthy cause. Stars such as Tyga, Flo Rida, and many others will all be making an appearance and will be even donating to the cause themselves. All of the donations specifically go towards to research of autism to figure out how exactly the mind processes information when diagnosed with this development disorder. These performances will not only raise money for the cause, but will also raise awareness to individuals located all over the world.


The young son of Sanjay Shah and his wife is the inspiration behind this foundation that has already done so much good. Though Mr. Shah knows that there is a reform to help those with special needs, more information is required to be provided to continue to educate individuals about the cause and what to do. This will not only save the painstaking efforts that loved ones must go through, but this will also save thousands of dollars of annual medical bills that are necessary to monitor those with this development disorder.


Autism Rocks is a charity organization that has been up and running for the past two years. Though this foundation is fairly new, it is a foundation that has already raised millions of dollars for the cause of helping to further the overall research. Though Mr. Shah has no intention of curing his young son from autism, he wants to learn more about the disorder in order to figure out better strategies that he can use for communication purposes. Though the foundation is only two years old, millions of individuals are now aware.