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Watch Chainsmokers Record A Song

It would be difficult to find a musical act hotter than the Chainsmokers right now. Good news just keeps pouring out of this American DJ duo as they garner more and more international fame. They’ve become the first #1 Dance Artist/DJ to be included on Billboards New Dance 100 List which recognizes the strongest hitmakers on planet Earth. And before you go downplaying this honor, know that the list is data-driven. It is literally a list of the strongest musical acts on an economic basis. Simply put — they make bank.

And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been cranking out hit after hit ever since their debut single “#Selfie” back in 2014. The dance song dropped just as summer hit and it became an anthem for a generation. The song’s popularity is rather ironic as it makes fun of self-absorbed people taking pictures of themselves to share across social media. It’s kind of funny to watch the Chainsmokers sing their hit to a generation known for selfies.

The song was such a smash hit that T-shirts were made featuring “#Selfie” on the chest. Soon after their first hit single, they dropped their debut EP “Bouquet.” They then followed it up with hit singles like “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Sick Boy.” And now they’re teasing fans with a new video for the making of “Somebody.”

“Somebody” is definitively Chainsmokers. It is a wall of sound infused with a groovy beat and manipulated noises. And you get to watch Andrew Taggart as he puts together the catchy sounds of “Somebody.”

Sitting at the piano, Andrew Taggart lays down a chilling high-pitched melody. It makes you think that he’s actually creating a ballad before he starts playing a baseline on the keyboards. He then moves on over to the computer to manipulate all the sounds that he’s just recorded to give it that EDM edge.

Then things get really interesting. He turns to the camera to explain that the vocals were actually recorded for a different song altogether. He then leans over the computer, toggles some switches and the vocals suddenly become two steps higher and perfect for “Somebody.”

Given Their Expertise, It’s No Wonder NewsWatch TV Has Earned Such Glowing Reviews

NewsWatch TV, a reputable and reliable media outlet, touches on topics of topical interest. From breaking entertainment news to up-and-coming trends in technology, NewsWatch TV delivers objective, stimulating, and riveting accounts of the latest news. Andrew Tropeano, the show’s incomparable host, works alongside Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges, the special reports team, to report stories as they unfold. If you’d like to catch an episode, NewsWatch TV airs on the ION Network every week, with bi-monthly streamings on The AMC Network as well.

Launched in 1990, NewsWatch TV has ample experience in the industry. Thus, they’ve become an eminent member of the production, entertainment, and media domains. Over 25 years, nearly 10,000 stories have been narrated across this platform, each as engrossing as the last. From Jennifer Lawrence and Denzel Washington to Chris Pratt and Mila Kunis, NewsWatch TV has enticed many A-list celebrities to appear on the show. Above all else, NewsWatch TV has elicited a positive response and outpouring of support from the public.

NewsWatch TV often serves as a nexus between the public and specific brands. In such cases, NewsWatch TV is tasked with delivering messages in a manner that accurately and adequately reflects the company they’ve partnered with. According to a handful of testimonials, NewsWatch TV executes this task with eloquence and understanding. In fact, some companies attribute their success to NewsWatch TV’s expert conveyance and deliverance of subject matter.

What companies find most intriguing and inspiring about NewsWatch TV is their intimate knowledge of the market. More specifically, their firm understanding of PR, the whims of consumers, and product endorsement. During one crowdfunding campaign, NewsWatch TV generated over $450,000 in one month thanks to their diligence and artful execution. In essence, NewsWatch TV is not only an established news outlet, but they’re a dependable partner as well.


Anil Chaturvei’s Experience in the International Banking Industry

Inside of the financial industry, Anil Chaturvedi is a man who has gained a tremendous amount of experience while working for various banks for well over four decades. Over the course of his long and successful career, Mr. Chaturvedi has had the pleasure of working with a variety of different companies and clients from different backgrounds. Chaturvedi’s expertise and extensive knowledge has enabled him to make a strong impact with his clients, who have him to thank for much of their success.


Although Anil Chaturvedi has had many different jobs throughout his time in the financial industry, his name has always been one with a great reputation. His career has crossed borders, and he has been able to serve important roles at some of the most prominent international banks in existence. While working at these banks, Mr. Chaturvedi has proven that he is dedicated to consistent improvement. Thanks to his work ethic and vast experience within the industry, Chaturvedi has been able to work his way up to better and better positions over time.


During his banking career, one thing that Anil Chaturvedi has proven to be quite proficient at is cross-border transactions. It is thanks to his background that he has been able to carry out much of his work in this specific niche with the banking industry. Anil Chaturvedi spent his childhood in India, and he graduated with honors from Delhi University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and his MBA in Financial Management.


After completing his studies, one of his earliest jobs in the financial industry was working with the State Bank of India. There, he worked diligently as the manager of the companies planning and development. Eventually, Chaturvedi decided to embark on a new journey and decided to move all the way to the United States. ANZ Grindlays Bank became his new workplace in New York. After this, he then found a new position at Merril Lynch, where he made quite an impact as the company’s Managing Director. Today, Chaturvedi lives in Switzerland, and he is the Managing Director of another bank called Hinduja Bank.

Mina Ebrahimi Understands Gratitude and Giving

Saint Germain Catering has been a success because Mina Ebrahimi, the CEO and founder, knows what it takes to grow a business.


Mina Ebrahimi was born in Iran and she was just a child when she came to America with her parents and older sister. Her parents were hard workers, Mina is grateful for all they have sacrificed and the example they set for her.


At age 26 Mina Ebrahimi gave life to her dream, she took a leap of faith and Saint Germain Catering was born. Her work ethics, honesty, discipline, integrity and determination are keys to her success. But that’s not all Mina understands that being grateful for the simplest things in life and giving are the seeds for true happiness and success.


Commitment To Supporting The Community


Saint Germain Catering is a business that not only gives high-quality service to its clients, it supports and serves the community. There are many ways that Saint Germain Catering lives up to its values and the commitment to always do the right thing. Mina Ebrahimi and her catering company support many causes.


One of the ways they show support is by selling baked goods and donating the proceeds to support causes like the Battle Mammary Cancer in Dogs. Saint Germain Catering also donates food, tents and other essentials to The 25th Project which helps the homeless. These are just a couple of the ways that Mina Ebrahimi gives forward.


Treat Employees How You Would Like To Be Treated


When it comes to giving and gratitude Mina does not stop with charitable causes. She knows the value of hard-working employees, they keep business thriving. She treats her staff with respect and appreciation. Free breakfast and lunch, which she sometimes eats with her staff. She offers health, dental and other benefits provided at the companies expense for her employees because Mina Ebrahimi is grateful and wants the best for them.


Saint Germain Catering is the success it is today because of a strong woman who never gives up, knows gratitude and the joy of giving.

Securing you Future with Infinity Group-Australia

Infinity group Australia is a financial institution that was set up to help the Australians in financial crisis. The organization acts as a medium between their customers and their financial status. Infinity group helps their trusted customers to reduce their bad debts, secure their future by giving them advice on how to invest their money in long-term projects. Also, the company assists and educates their customers on how to properly and legally create their wealth. These services have created a huge customer base for the business hence the reasons for its significant success. The company is led by a great team that is qualified, trained and are familiar with financial systems and the trends in the market. Infinity Group Company offers loans with reasonable interests to their customers. It also opens up personal bank accounts for their customers to pay easily and quickly. This is the reason why it is considered unique from other financial institutions.


The company not only give out loans but also supports their clients’ businesses in various ways that are either small scale business or large scale business. This could be through financing the business and expanding the businesses. In return, there is a fee that the customers pay. Infinity group also encourages their customers to invest their money in the commercial real estates in terms of mortgages and much more. There are numerous areas where the organization has specialized into. They include healthcare, fast foods and extensive ranges of food, kitchenware, childcare, mining and construction, retailing, aged care, chemical and industrial areas. The workers’ support together with that of their clients’ has in turn empowered the company’s to grow into greater heights in the financial sector. Following Infinity Group great management team, the company also challenges their customers by proposing high prices to their wide range of commodities. This boosts the quality and quantity measures that the company had set up for the company.


For small scale and large scale businesses, Infinity Group provides a wide range of benefits on why their customers should consider working with them. For instance, the company offers an online review of inventories, special offers that could be monthly, weekly or even yearly on their wide range of products, offer solutions to challenges that the business people face, taking orders from the businesses, do a showcase and many more. These services have helped various business to grow and be successful. Also for the debt reduction and creation of wealth, infinity group pays off a significant amount of money that the client owes and leaves a manageable amount that he/she may finish quickly. For the creation of wealth, it offers maximum protection to the assets that their clients have and ensure that their investments are profitable. Learn more:

A Brief Rundown Of Places To Stay, Eat, And Shop While Visiting Samoa

     Most people going to Samoa are either tourists or they are residents of nearby islands who want to visit with family and friends. The best way to get to Samoa is by air which means going through Fagali I Airport. This airport sits right next to Apia which is the largest city in Samoa and is also the capital. Several flights go through Fagali I Airport each day, each flight holding at most 19 passengers.

There are hotels close to Fagali I Airport in every price range. One of the least expensive hotels is Galusina Village Resort costing $43 a night. For those who want a resort experience the two best bets are Taumeasina Island Resort or the Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa, costing $195 a night and $144 a night respectively. Both have shuttles to Fagali I Airport, free wi-fi, free breakfasts, and private beaches.

For those who want to enjoy the local cuisine there are many options to choose from. Paddles Restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists and is located in downtown Apia. Two authentically Polynesian restaurants are Amanaki Restaurant and Bistro Tatau. If a tourist is looking for a quick and cheap place to eat some good options are Lynn’s Takeaway, Italiano Piza Bar, Kofe Haus, and Nella’s.

For those looking to take home mementos of their vacation in Samoa there are a number of good options for that as well. Janet’s Samoa has the broadest range of souvenirs and they are reasonably priced. Other good options include Horizon Surf Shop, Pacific Jewell Gift Shop & Garden Cafe, Mailelani Samoa, and Eveni Carruthers. All of these are in or near downtown Apia and can be walked to from most of the hotels.

Southridge Capital: Unique Solutions to Financial Planning

Southridge Capital is a company offering advice and financial structuring for publicly owned companies. Beginning in 1996, Southridge has invested over $1.8 billion into businesses around the globe. Their financial experts strive to develop creative and state of the art ways to help their unique client base find financial security. Southridge Capital has a central team that creates and implements finance strategies for its clients. This management team consists of five financial experts who work diligently to ensure a positive outcome for clientele. As advisors, Southridge can offer financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, restructuring advice, bankruptcy help, as well as assisting with mergers. A more structured aspect of Southridge’s offerings include assistance with securitization, credit enhancement and finding solutions for financing. You can check out their website



Southridge Capital knows that businesses need financing, but may not always understand all of the available options. Therefore, Southridge takes it upon themselves to not only think find unique solutions for financing but work with existing assets and capital while including existing creditors in the discussion to fully optimize all of their client’s opportunities. Southridge’s Equity Purchase Agreement allows their clients to gain capital based on their needs or wants alone, without regard to the current market environment. Products offered include convertible preferred stock and offering loans against regular stock. For more details visit LinkedIn.


A major part of Soutridge Capital’s identity is its understanding of its responsibility to social causes. Philanthropy is key in the structure of the company and it supports volunteering and giving both officially as a company and casually. Southridge strives to be community leaders and believes this will have an impact on both smaller communities and society as a whole, in turn reinforcing the company. Southridge Capital provides monetary support for charities including the Daystar Foundation, Lounsbury House, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Eric B. Huss Scholarship Fund. The financial company also supports the Ridgeville Fountain Landmark and The Ridgeville Community Center, Walnut Community Hill Church, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church along with the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation and Danbury Hospital, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association and numerous other faith based and non-profit organizations.



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Richard Dwayne Blair the Retirement Income Advisor

To pursue financial goals successfully, one needs to have a workable plan that can easily be monitored to the end. On his part, Richard Dwayne Blair offers people in his community a financial direction that helps in guiding them through the various steps in the journey of life. To help achieve these milestones, he has come up with an all-inclusive financial plan which he follows called a Three Pillar Approach. With this method, he can look at the financial situation of clients and as well establishes their retirement needs to help arrange for an all-around plan that suits their situation.

The first pillar of the approach involves laying out the structure of the client’s finances. At that point, Richard Dwayne Blair gets into a position where he can identify the objectives, sharp points, threat forbearance and chances for progression of each respective client. By so doing, the client can create some connection which is useful in founding a business relationship. The second pillar of the approach becomes designed to come up with an operative, long-term investment scheme which is created to fit precisely the client’s needs. With that laid down, it becomes easy to survive in the fluctuating market which is at times in the upward or downward motion. In regards to the third pillar, it is the point of carrying out, and supervision after the intended plan has been put in place.

Being a financial advisor, Richard Dwayne Blair is the Founder of Wealth Solutions which is a registered investment advisory firm based in Texas. The primary goal of the company is to make a substantial and constructive difference in people’s lives especially the owners of small businesses. With his expertise and experience in retirement planning, he opted to dedicate himself to assisting his clients in bridging the gap that exists between planning for and living in retirement. By so doing, people can avoid mistakes that are repeatedly done when it comes to retirement benefits that are not planned for beforehand which causes them to get misused. Therefore, planning for retirement income helps people to go after their idea of a prosperous retirement.

Malcolm CasSelle is revolutionizing the transactions in virtual assets through blockchain.

The cryptocurrency transactions are revolutionalizing different types of markets around the world, and the gaming industry is among the sectors that have embraced the cryptocurrency technology. OPSkins is among the titan traders of bitcoins in the world, and the team is lead by Malcolm CasSelle who serves as the Chief Investment Officer. The company has clients from all around the world, and there is the need for a decentralized system of carrying out transactions. OPSkins mainly deals in the trading of virtual assets and has been acting as a centralized marketplace.

However, the position of serving as a central entity has its limitations concerning the technological operations. OPSkins has taken a step further and is now creating a blockchain that will serve as a platform for clients to trade their assets that are in virtual form. WAX(Worldwide Asset eXchange) and its central underlying principle is a technology of blockchain and the use of decentralized coded contracts. The primary objective of WAX is to eliminate two of the most significant problems that dread the business of virtual assets, and these include fraud and fragmentation. The users of the game do not have to go offline so that they can purchase or sell their digital merchandise. Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX and has also invested in other tech businesses such as Facebook and other companies that deal in Bitcoins.

Malcolm had also worked with tronc Inc before he joined OPSkins and served in the position of President for New Ventures. Malcolm has also held other leadership positions during his tenure at Digital Media of SeaChange International. During this time it was an acquisition of a company where Malcolm CasSelle served as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Malcolm has also been involved with various startups as an entrepreneur in the cyberspace industry. Some of the startups he has been involved with include Xfire and MediaPass. Malcolm CasSelle is an alumnus of MIT having graduated with a degree in Computer Science and later completing his master’s degree from the University of Stanford. Malcolm is a merchant that has traveled the world doing business in different regions and is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese.


How Values are Helpful For Leaders Like Vijay Eswaran

There are a lot of traits that are associated with leadership. There is one trait that can make or break a leader. This is the ability to have values. If a leader has values, he is likely to gain the respect of others. One example of a leader with values is Vijay Eswaran. One of the reasons that Vijay has values is that he looks at others like he would want them to see him. He has empathy when it comes to people. Therefore, he thinks very carefully about the type of business and products he can offer them.

Among the values that Vijay Eswaran has are compassion, honesty, acceptance and truth. These are some of the values that have always been respected in leaders. However, a lot of people who try to be leaders want power. This is one of the reasons that many people get passed up for a promotion. They do not have what it takes to be a leader, and the manager knows it. It is the one who has the core values and a strength to back it up that is going to be very effective as a leader. He will command the respect of the team as well.

One of the reasons that honesty and truth are great values for being a leader is that they show strength. They also make it easier for the team to trust the individual. After all, the team member will know what he is working for and what to expect from the leader. One thing that can be very frustrating is dealing with a leader who makes a lot of promises but does not keep them.

For people that want to be respected, the best way to gain respect is to have values such as honesty, truth, compassion and acceptance. It is also important for people to establish boundaries. This is one thing that Vijay Eswaran has shown himself to be good at. He made sure that his team knows what to expect and how to treat him and one another. He makes sure that his business is growing so that it can reach others that need it.