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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: A Celebrated Leader in Solving Oncology Issues

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of hospitals that use modern technology to fight cancer. Recently, CTCA teamed up with NantHealth and Allscripts to come up with an integrated solution whereby eviti, which is a NantHealth support solution, can access clinical workflows from Allscripts Sunrise ‘s electronic health record. This program, which is known as Clinical Pathways program, informs the cancer treatment without interfering with the doctors’ clinical workflow. The program was developed by many oncologists nationwide and is a representation of all proper treatment choices. The integration allows physicians to extract necessary data from an impartial Evidence-Based Medical Library, which contains numerous authentic publications from government agencies and oncology associations. Clinical Pathways is designed with the patient in mind and seeks to offer customized treatment that is specific to them.

Founded in 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America network has five hospitals and has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. The hospitals are spread across the U.S and are located in prominent metropolitan areas. These are Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona. CTCA uses a personalized approach to treat cancer patients using conventional methods such as chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy. To help patients manage cancer-related side effects, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers verified supportive therapies.

CTCA comprises a professional and devoted team of surgeons, oncologists, clinicians and other health experts. They offer the patients and their families a friendly atmosphere, thus making them feel comfortable and safe in the experts’ care. The network received Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission. The hospitals are fully accredited by the relevant authorities, including the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. CTCA was also recognized as the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and received the Magnet Award. For their delivery of high-quality care and adhering to patient safety measures, they received recognition from prominent healthcare organizations such as the American College of Radiology and the Association of Community Cancer Centers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America network is irrefutably a front-runner in the oncology field. They endeavor to help cancer patients overcome their health struggles through empathetic and customized approach.

Amicus Therapeutics Pioneering Enzyme Replacement Therapy Technology

Amicus Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, is a leader in the fight against a fatal group of genetically inherited diseases called Lysosomal Storage Disorders. A main component of the fight that this innovative company has launched is called enzyme replacement therapy.

What Are Lysosomal Storage Disorders?


These are a rare group of disorders, also referred to as LSDs, are fatal malfunctions of the body that affect the lysosomal organelles of the cell. The lysosomes functions within human cells as a “cleaning unit” that helps the cell get rid of toxic wastes, among other things. People with LSDs have lysosomes that are not functioning properly and therefore disrupting the way the body processes food and makes energy.


What Is Enzyme Replacement Therapy?


Enzyme Replacement Therapy, or ERT, is a therapeutic intervention that is based on replacing the enzymes that are missing or deficient in a patients body. Usually, this is done through an Intravenous route. Enzymes are important chemicals that help the human body complete the processes of living.


What Are Some Examples of Diseases That Are Treated With ERT?


Though ERT was first developed in 1964, it is still being actively studied as far as the ways it can be applied in real life. Amicus Therapeutics has been working hard towards getting ERT into the lives of the people that need it. Amicus Technologies takes great care in working with patients and their families towards implementing treatments. Currently, the company is working on completely new enzyme replacement therapies for Fabry diseases.


What Is Amicus Therapeutics?


Amicus Therapeutics is a company that strives to develop treatments for rare and orphan diseases. They have worked specifically with patients who have rare diseases such as Fabry disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and Pompe disease. This company works closely with the technology associated with ERT, as well as another technique called CHART (which stands for chaperone replacement therapy). Both approaches have led the company to pioneer treatment options for those who suffer from rare diseases. The company has been supported by foundations that help in the search for cures. They are based in New Jersey and have a work site in California as well.

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Osteo Relief Institute: A Trusted Denver Pain Relief Center

Osteoporosis is the most commonly diagnosed type of arthritis, although more than 100 types of arthritis exist. This arthritis type affects the joints in the body, causing them to weaken. Women are at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis than men. Other osteoporosis risk factors include:


Age- Osteoporosis affects older individuals most commonly

Frame Size- Small-framed individuals are at greater risk for osteoporosis

Race- White and Asian descendants are diagnosed with Osteoporosis more than other races

Eating Habits- If you are underweight, you’re at a greater risk of developing Osteoporosis

Family History- If you have a history of osteoporosis, you are two times more likely to develop the condition yourself

Medications – If you take medications used to treat certain condition, such as those for gastric reflux, seizures, and cancer, there may also be increased risk of Osteoporosis


Although many people experience no side effects with Osteoporosis, there are a few indications the condition is present. Stooped posture, loss of height, back pain, and stooped posture are common signs of osteoporosis.


Osteo Relief Institute provides top-notch Osteoporosis treatment. While this condition is not curable, there are several ways to minimize the aches and pains that it brings. Caring medical professionals at Osteo Relief Institute ensure exemplary treatment that provides the relief that you need.


Osteo Relief Institute uses state-of-the-art treatments to alleviate the aches and pains of osteoporosis, helping the individual regain their quality of life. Joint lubrication, spine and knee strengthening, and videofluoroscopy are some of the available non-surgical pain relief options provided. Some patients use one treatment option for relief, while others find a combination of treatments work best. Together with a medical professional, you can easily determine which treatment options are best for your needs.

The Institute also provides treatment for other knee-related conditions causing you pain. If you’re located in the Denver area, booking an appointment with Osteo Relief Institute is a worthwhile decision (


Eli Gershkovitch Steamrolls Over The Competition With Steamworks Brewery

Gone are the days of limited beer selections. Walk into any reputable establishment that serves alcohol, and you can choose from a myriad of cleverly named craft beers. Craft beer menus regularly feature traditional pale ales and lagers along with wild flavor concoctions like bacon maple donut beer and blueberry cream ale.

So, What Exactly Is A Craft Beer?

The broad definition of a craft beer is any beer made by a brewer that is small, independent and traditional. The term ‘craft beer’ was born out of necessity. Beer connoisseurs will remember when microbreweries started to show up on their radar in the early 90s. As microbrews grew in popularity, the microbrewers were limited by their name. The term “microbrewery” is a legal term that describes a small brewery that sells less than 10,000 barrels of beer each year. Microbrewers were forced to change their name or face restrictions, so the phrase ‘craft beer’ was coined, mainly because the beer is crafted as opposed to being manufactured.

Steamworks Brewery

Vancouver, British Columbia has become the unofficial capital of the craft beer world. Every month new brew pubs and breweries are popping up around the city. One brewery, however, has been around since the mid-90s. Situated in historic Gastown, Vancouver, Steamworks Beer Company has been churning out fresh and flavorful beers for more than two decades. Steamwork’s CEO and brew master Eli Gershkovitch knew he was on to something when he opened the Gastown location (BeerMe). The building had a unique steam powered heating system which inspired Eli Gershkovitch to design Canada’s only steam powered brewery. Under Eli Gershkovitch’s watchful eye the company has become a giant in the craft beer industry, and in 2013 a second, much larger Steamworks Brewery and Brewpub opened its doors in Burnaby, British Columbia.


Who Is Eli Gershkovitch?

Eli Gershkovitch is an innovator, beer master, businessman, pilot, classic car enthusiast and an attorney. Upon completion of law school, Eli Gershkovitch decided to spend a year exploring Europe before going into practice. It was in Heidelberg, Germany that he would discover a lifelong passion for beer. Years later, Eli Gershkovitch would combine his legal expertise, his interest in advertising and his discerning taste in beer to found one of the most successful craft beer breweries in North America.


The Many Hats Of Glen Wakeman

Highly successful global business executive, investor, writer and entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman has made the most of his lengthy career building businesses by making the abilities of both companies and individuals better.


He achieves this by putting into operation a proven method that considers and develops areas of performance that include risk management, governance, leadership, human capital and execution.


Glen Wakeman has lived in six countries and worked in 32 for the period of his 20 year career with GE Capital and as chief executive of Doral Financial Corporation. He also founded Nova Four. His work took in leadership roles in management, business development, advising start-ups, mergers and acquisitions as well as new market entry.


In addition, Glen Wakeman has developed and transformed businesses with 17,000+ staff members and $15 billion in assets.


Two years ago Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, an SASS company. The company provides a fully automated software collaboration platform that makes it possible for early stage entrepreneurs to coordinate their concepts into a workable plan.


The process helps companies refine, organize and communicate their ideas and diminish their risks of start-up failure.


LaunchPad Holdings also helps companies gain acceptance by an incubator and increase their chances of getting funding.


As a writer, Glen Wakeman blogs frequently about global affairs, emerging markets and a hands-on approach to business. He also counsels about strategies and capital raising.

In a recent blog, Think Outside the Box, he wrote that while it is not simple to think outside the box, it can be satisfying and worthwhile when you know how to do so.


Glen Wakeman gave the example of the company, Better World Books, and how when you order their books the company sends the buyer an email of unusual length that thanks them for the purchase (BusinessWire). He added it is one small business suggestion that can make a considerable distinction.


Educated at The University of Chicago where he earned his MBA, Glen Wakeman received his BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

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What Can We Expect from Eric Pulier Next?

Who is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is a multi-talented and genius entrepreneur and has published several pieces of his work as an author and philanthropist. He has worked very hard to leave a positive mark on the entire world with his work and his talents.

Eric Pulier began studies in 1984 when he graduated from high school and went on to study at Harvard University. From there he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in English and also American Literature. The majority of his life has been focused on helping people who are in the lower areas of poverty and children who suffer from chronic illness. His career has been primarily based on technological ingenuity. As of today, he is considered one of the top guys in this field of the industry.

What are some articles that Eric Pulier has published?

As an author, Eric Pulier has published several pieces of work. He helped to co-author, in 2005, an article titled “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. In March of 2012 he wrote an article titled “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” which was printed in Forbes Magazine just to name a couple of pieces.

So, what can we expect from Eric Pulier in the future?

There is so much that he has done in the past from helping to co-found or found 15 different companies. Some of these companies include MediaPlatformm, SOA Software, Us Media Interactive LLC, and Desktone to name a few of his successful companies. With his vast knowledge and experience in technology industry, he is often invited to speak, on a regular basis, at technology forums and conferences.

As for what is next for Eric Pulier? We don’t know much other than he is currently using his talents and sources at the Xprize Foundation, which holds competitions for people to participate in throughout the world to help come up with new ideas, solutions, and innovations to help solve some of the humanity’s most intractable problems. He is also using his position as board of directors for Painted Turtle, that helps children with chronic illnesses to attend a special summer camp. Another great accomplishment that Pulier has created was a game called Starlight World which makes an entertaining option to help children with diabetes understand what happens with their body and how insulin levels and blood sugars come in to play to learn more: click here.

So, we are excited to see what he will come up with definitely help make the world a better place, especially for those that need additional help with disadvantages in life.

Where can I find out more information on Eric Pulier?

There are several articles and sites that have information in Eric Pulier, but if you want additional information you can view his public LinkedIn account by visiting

InnovaCare Health Company Best Medicare in Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health Inc. located in Puerto Rico has made the region a different place altogether. Rick Shinto, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, has brought positive changes in the region through the facility. People of Puerto Rico are in a position to access affordable healthcare services courtesy of Doctor Shinto. He has the concern of the people at heart and ensures that he does his best to make them receive the best possible medical care services Health is of great importance to the society, and it is a right. Rick as the president ensures that all services offered in the facility are affordable to all patients regardless of their social status. Offering affordable healthcare services is a way to ensure health care right is not violated.

One factor contributing to InnovaCare being the best healthcare facility is the use of technology. Rick Shinto has ensured that technology is well implemented in the institution. This assists in making certain all operations are carried out in reasonable speed and in quality. A healthcare institution is where emergency cases are sometimes received, meaning speed is of the essence. Rick has worked hard to make sure that the facility provides its best and that each patient who visits is attended to. No patient is left unattended, a strategy which has made InnovaCare Health Inc. attract more and more Puerto Ricans. Technology, therefore, has helped in speeding up the processes in the facility making it more reliable.

Rick Shinto is aware that speed is of the essence in InnovaCare Inc. However, it does not mean things should be done in haste, forgetting that quality is also important. As the CEO he always monitors all daily operations and services offered, to ensure that quality is maintained at all times. Maintaining quality coupled with speedy operations is another factor that has attracted people to InnovaCare Inc. Health matters are sensitive, and patients usually like to attend facilities that offer quality services of Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare has always taken quality into close consideration, making it the best Medicare and Medicaid facility so far in Puerto Rico. Rich Shinto contributes to the quality services produced since he motivates his employees to work towards achieving quality at all times.

George Soros Continues Helping Different People

George Soros has always worked to make sure that he can help people with the options that they need in their lives. He has done a lot of donations and has been able to make things easier on many different individuals. Because of the way that he does things, he often brings change about and makes things easier for everyone who is in different situations. The Washington Times even recently talked about the things that George Soros does and the way that it can have an effect on the world. He has a lot of money and that money has been influential in many different circumstances. It has also helped to make things better for everyone who has dealt with it. While George Soros is a philanthropist, he is also an activist and donates his charitable time to things that he actually cares about and causes that matter to him. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

There are many different ways that people can do things and that has made it easy for George Soros to choose what he is going to support. For example, he supports things that are in favor of change. He is a liberal and very open-minded. He wants to see change in the areas that he supports things and he does what he can to make sure that things are going to be able to change no matter what is going on in the situations that he is a part of. Because of the way that George Soros does different things, he is confident in his abilities to make everything better.

It is also important to George Soros to be able to provide the money that people need. For example, he likes to give money to charities and tell them what the money should be used for. This is a part of the philanthropic attitude and something that he is confident in. Since George Soros has been working as an activist, he has always used his money to make a difference. It has allowed him the chance to try new things and to get more out of the situations that he is in.

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Even though the world is still struggling with some important political factors, George Soros knows that he is going to have to work to make things better. He wants to make the world a better place and wants to bring a lot of change to the things that he is doing. He plans on using his money to educate people about different things that are going on. He is also going to make sure that he can help people get the options that they need and that they will not have to worry about the problems that are associated with socioeconomic factors. Read more on


Oncotarget is a weekly published journal. This journal is famous due to its accurate and timely information it publishes on oncology. Besides, it also publishes papers in other fields of medicine. These areas include;

  • Neuroscience
  • Endocrinology
  • Pharmacology
  • Cardiology

Oncotarget has been the leading edge journal in publishing research on new scientific breakthroughs. Since it was started, this journal incorporates leading experts in all fields of medicine to publish well-researched concepts and findings.The massive success of this journal has been as a result of many factors. First, the editors in chief of the journal are experts in oncology. The editors in chief of Oncotarget are two famous scientists. Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are very popular in the medical world due to their contribution and expertise in the field of medicine. Besides, they have years of experience in medicine.These factors have massively contributed to Oncotarget journal having a huge following of readers. As at now, this journal boasts of publishing more than 250 papers on a weekly basis.Secondly, Oncotarget journal has a free- access option. The open access option allows for experts and other scientists to participate in the publishing of the magazine.

This feature enables this journal to publish papers on a variety of disciplines. Furthermore, this journal guarantees accurate and timely information on new scientific breakthroughs. All these are made possible due to this journal having a free access option.Third and last, Oncotarget uses expert scientists to publish in the journal. The use of specialists with years of experience in the industry allows the journal to vet new scientific breakthroughs before publishing the paper correctly. The move helps to protect the integrity of the magazine. Moreover, scientific experts offer more to the reader than just ordinary scientists.Oncotarget published a paper recently on the nutritional aspects on the rejuvenation of body cells. The article articulated the significant difference between dietary restrictions and calorie restrictions. Three renowned scientists published the paper; Anke Schloesser, Gerald Rimbach, and Patricia Huebbe. These researchers stipulated that calorie limits are achieved through reducing the energy density of one’s diet while dietary restrictions are met by decreasing the amount of food allocated. This paper was published after thorough testing of the above factors on mice.

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Jim Tananbaum: Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital

Jim is the chairperson of Foresite capital, a healthcare firm which deals with the identification of upcoming healthcare leaders. Apart from establishing Foresite Capital Company, he has also helped in establishing other renowned bio pharmaceutical and healthcare investment practices. He was the key founder of the Gel Tex pharmaceutical which helped in creating and making available cheaper drugs in the market.

Jim Tananbaum spearheaded numerous investments such as The Amira and Sierra initiatives. His main aim for establishing Foresite was to merge all aspects achieved through his career to one major investment.

In an interview conducted by ideamensch, Jim Tananbaum says his family is important to him. He always enjoys having dinner with them. While at work, he actively engages members of his team in calls and meetings. Jim also discusses existing company trends and samples new presentations and networks with healthcare leaders. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Jim’s inspiration was birthed and motivated by the urge to bring change in the healthcare industry and impact the lives of many people. His productivity developed the habit of learning. Jim is saddened when team members fail to appreciate each other’s effort towards achieving a designated goal.

Jim states that if he was to start over again, he could believe in himself more than he has always done before. Through establishing the ideas he thinks work best for him, Jim has always counted that as an upper hand in business. He advises other entrepreneurs that once you understand a situation, you should take more risks and exploit the idea fully. By identification of where the market trend is headed to a business that is time conscious will grow in a very significant way.

According to Market Wired, Jim can be termed as an intellect for he has made a milestone of achievements in his academic life. He holds degrees in business administration, science, and mathematics. Also, he holds a doctorate in medicine. This vast knowledge and experience of blending sciences have helped him make the huge steps in life.

Jim believes that innovation in the healthcare industry needs more time and huge capital than anyone can project. The best thing is that it can have a huge impact on the world for its value endures almost forever.

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