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Why Marrying Technology and Fashion is a Good Idea According to Christopher Burch

Over the last couple of decades, the fashion industry has changed in tandem with technological advancements. The two industries have grown together in a fascinating journey beautifully outlined by Christopher Burch, a fashion enthusiast. Burch is confident that understanding the advances made in the past is key to anticipating what the future holds for the two industries.


The Past and Present


In the 70’s, everybody owned or wanted to own a boom box because it not only allowed music lovers to carry their favorite music around but was also a fashion statement. In the 80’s movies cemented the boom box as a household product but during the 90’s it was replaced by walkmans that were smaller and easier to carry around. Presently, smartphones and iPods allow people to store their favorite music and take it everywhere.


Today, fashion designers are using technology to come up with innovative designs that are fashionable, functional, and safer. A good example is the work of a Dutch designer called Anouk Wipprecht who has created drink making dresses (DareDroid) and self-painting dresses (Pseudomorphs) by marrying fashion and technology.


What the Future Holds


Future fashion designs will be safer and have more practical uses. Anna Haupt and her colleague Terese Alstin have already created a fashionable bike protective neckwear that deploys airbags during a crash. This will protect cyclists’ heads from impact better than helmets. Another pair of fashion designers, Ashwin and Kevin Cannon have developed firefighter Frontline Gloves that make it easier for firefighters to communicate during fires.


Fashion and Technology Work Together


Fashion is a perfect platform for promoting technology. Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, proved this point when she featured the Google Glass on her catwalk. Since fashion shows are known to promote the latest trends and styles, technology can benefit a lot from the awareness that these shows bring.


Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, a company he founded. He is an active investor with stakes in different businesses that span several industries. He also founded a luxury fashion brand called Tory Burch. Burch has always been drawn to branding and the power it has in sales and marketing.


During his 40-plus years in entrepreneurship and the financial investment industry, Burch has supported over 50 companies. He combines an intuitive comprehension of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing experience in all his endeavors. His diverse investment portfolio includes exciting brands like Cocoon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.


Sujit Choudhry’s Pivotal Role in Comparative Constitutional Law

There has been heated debate on the legitimacy of incorporating references to foreign laws by the US Supreme Court, especially in death penalty cases. For this reason, there seems to exist a big demand for a better understanding of comparative constitutional law even among the general populace to address such misunderstandings.


Simply put, the analysis of foreign constitutions to promote understanding of how they work and inherent interactions with ours is what is called comparative constitution law. It involves analyzing different legal systems found around the world in reference to interactions driven by globalization, democratization and world economies. It is important to understand foreign law in providing cross-border solutions to industries and societies with a worldwide interest. Globalization and transnational litigation have a huge effect on a nation’s legal and economic system and its constitution.


Firstly, comparative constitution law provides models enlightening us on the foundations and impact of constitutional justice systems on societies. Secondly, it improves our power of discernment by exposing us to the two sides of constitutions namely the autobiographical, accidental and particularistic elements of a constitution and how it is enjoined with its general, universalistic and inclusive components. Thirdly, it helps identify similarities in national democratic governance structures and human rights policies. Lastly, observing differences in law accelerates the assessment of existing fundamental law to enhance its understanding and development.  Source


The foundation of a constitution, its design, and structure directly influence adjudication outcomes. Some of the important areas that comparative constitution law focuses on include structures of constitution review systems, legal handling of hot topics such as abortion across borders, governments influence on constitutional adjudications, parliamentary vs presidential systems and how they deal with emergencies, protection of minorities, gender equality, freedom of religion and speech and general society welfare.  Check this.


Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of Center for Constitution Transitions, a member of United Nations Mediation Roster and a World Bank consultant. He has consulted as an expert on successful constitutional transitions in various countries around the world especially in ethnically diverse societies, violent conflict transitioning to democratic politics and authoritarian to democratic transitions. He is highly regarded as the authority figure in comparative constitution law. Sujit Choundhry is an accomplished author on the subject and has published over ninety items including books, articles, reports and working papers.

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EOS Continues to Make Its Mark In the Lip Balm Industry

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has singlehandedly boosted sales in the oral care industry. The company sells about 1 million units every week and the future of EOS looks very promising, since the lip care market is expected to increase significantly around the world by the year 2020. EOS brand specializes in organic products, and the public’s demand for natural personal care items has contributed to the overall success of the company.

Sanjiv Mehra, one of the founders of EOS, states on a Fast Company interview that not talking about the company’s success, especially in the beginning stages, was intentional. Mehra says that when EOS lip balm was just a small startup, they wanted to devote their attention to creating and distributing quality products. Mehra also states that as the company has grown, it has become more of a priority for EOS customers to know about the company’s values and standards.

About ten years ago, Mehra, who previously worked for large companies Unilever and PepsiCo, partnered with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to think about ways to make an impact on the beauty aisles of drug stores. Dubitsky left the company before the EOS launch to manage Hello Products, an oral care company.

Teller states that the lip balm industry seemed like the right place for innovation, since the majority or products in this category weren’t that different from the ones that were manufactured 100 years before. A number of brands were focused on cutting costs to compete with other brands according to price, and Teller saw this as an opportunity for EOS to stand out. EOS products are available online on and on


Julie Zuckerberg can manage your team

Julie Zuckerberg performs the duties of the Talent Acquisition Administrative Leader, employed by Deutsche Bank. She has made quite a name for herself over the years from her breadth of experience and capabilities. Julie is well-known for her potential to work side by side with industry leaders in the confidential assets side of trade including the retail side of management. Julie is amazingly capable with forging dialogue, as well as conducting high level supervisory interactions that involve corporate stakeholders. Julie’s weathered guidance is repeatedly accepted as being indispensable for employing eligible human resources and her recruitment beliefs are known as creating a firm and lasting mark on the propensity of an institution’s productivity outlook and often brings in a hodgepodge of gifted and multi-talented workers.


Julie Zuckerberg also has familiarity functioning in the role of the Executive Recruiter prior to shifting her priorities to that of Talent Acquisition Administrative Leader. Julie has in addition to this function, bloomed in her latent by becoming the V.P. of Deutsche Bank. During this stint, Julie’s abilities were honed by overseeing vital relations with cream of the crop business agencies, to form a tremendously priceless collection of talented staff. Julie Zuckerberg has also shaped relations with an abundant quantity of trade relations to more succinctly administer the hiring process for attaining proficient human resources. This is crucial for satisfying very important roles such as Provincial Administration and US Compliance, in addition to Shareholder Dealings, among other vital positions.


Julie is acknowledged as owning a horde of proficient industry know-how and understanding. Julie has also functioned in the role of Principal of Applicant Assignment while working at the group Hudson Global. This, being Julie’s first specialized service appointment in 2002. While in employment at the Hudson, for half a decade, Julie wrangled into the business an overabundance of legal entities and seasoned executive staff for a diverse amount of distinguished agencies. This steady flow of employees assisted with filling an array of positions. After Julie departed the Hudson, she faithfully devoted her craft to Citi Global, a renown consumer bank. While there, Julie developed her skills by serving as the Senior Manager Recruiter. This role permitted Julie the liberty to craft better-quality approaches for hiring workers by taking advantage of the internet, making use of social media marketing and through express sourcing of works. These are but a few of the incalculable and massively inspiring approaches utilized by Julie, to obtain eligible staff. Julie showcases a competence to put in order a number of responsibilities and while operating at Citi Global, Julie managed as V.P. of the firm. Julie’s more intriguing accolade integrated the relocating of new recruits all the way through immigration to repatriation.


Julie’s understanding acquired though functioning as the Corporate V.P., while at New York Life Insurance, enhanced her with the skill set required to embark on the recruitment events that were necessary to capitalize on vacant positions with proficient workers.



Until recently, all I knew of Dick DeVos was his career as current President of the Windquest Group and the firm’s venture in 2010 that hoped to turn the residual heat from manufacturing into electricity. I now know he was also President of Amway up until 2002 and is known for tripling international sales, and that he is former President and CEO of Orlando Magic from 1991-1994. He is also an influential philanthropist, and although many of his contributions are made without direction as to how it is spent, he has also taken a very active role in how specifically it is used to make the most impactful change.

A large focus of Dick DeVos’ philanthropy is education and education reform. I learned that it is of high importance to him that every child receives the education they need to be able to obtain the American dream and not be hindered by where they live. Following this vision, he and his wife assisted in launching the West Michigan Aviation Academy five years ago. Instruction focused on STEM, aeronautical engineering, and robotics. The academy pulls in students from 7 surrounding counties and has a graduation rate of an astonishing 86%. DeVos is proud that the school is testing so successful but garners more pride from the impact it is having on the students lives for the better and the satisfaction of the parents.

I’ve discovered that arts and culture are also important to the DeVos’, as they have donated 22 million to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. Desiring to strengthen the business side of the arts organizations, DeVos recognizes that it is crucial to the future of the arts community to have a high-quality arts management. Dick and his wife also regularly donate the Willow Creek Church to support its leadership summit, as well as to other leadership and development causes.

DeVos often includes his children in his contribution process as an example of how impactful changes can be made by those who care. He encourages them to speak their opinion on where the donations are being made, how much, and any new areas they would like to include. To him, this is an important part of his family and something he believes should carry on and I thoroughly agree.

How Dr. Walden turned out to be the Best Aesthetic Surgeons in the United States

Jenifer Lee Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons, media commentator and academic. She was born in Texas in the year 1971 to a dentist father and surgical nurse mother. Her parents inspired her career in medicine. Dr. Jennifer Walden is based in Austin Texas and has an office in Marble Falls, Texas. She began her career in Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in Manhattan where she got mentorship from Dr. Sherrell Aston.


Education and Career


Walden attended Anderson High School and later pursued a degree in Biology at the University of Texas. After acquiring a degree in Biology, she went further and applied to medical school at a branch of the University of Texas Medical. Despite being waitlisted at the University, Dr. Walden graduated as salutatorian of her class.





Having been certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Walden is a fully fledged Plastic Surgeon working in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden began her career in New York, but later she transferred to Texas, for her children’s to be raised near their family. Today, she owns her plastic surgery center situated in Austin Texas. The firm is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center.





Walden is one of the most sought after surgeon. She provides information on surgery technological advancement, plastic surgeries, breast implants, lasers and general medical correspondence among others. She hosts a show known as ‘Looking good and Living Well with Dr. Jennifer Walden ‘on KVUE-TV an affiliate of ABC. She has appeared on other national TV on a matter relating to the Plastic surgery.




Walden co-authored an award-winning book ‘Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.‘ She was featured on ‘The Best Plastic Surgeons in America.’ She has also been featured in various publications including Daily Mail and top blogs as one of the beast aesthetic surgeons in America.




Walden is among the best cosmetic surgeons in America; she has had a successful career both in the lab and on TV. Her passion for joining the medical industry began while she was still young and it was inspired by her parents who worked in the same industry.

Basic Hair Care Tips for Women

Women spend a lot of time on their hair. They blow dry their hair, curl their hair, straighten their hair, and much more. Certainly, the hair is exposed to all sorts of damaging tools and chemicals in the course of a year, month, or even a week. Therefore, it is important to take time to properly care for the hair to prevent damage. The top way to protect the hair is through getting actively involved with a good hair care routine that involves your daily shampoo and conditioner routine.

How Often To Shampoo

The fact is that this varies and depends on your type of hair. Some women with oily hair might have to shampoo daily, others with dry hair might get away with washing their hair weekly. Others might prefer every other day. Always shampoo the hair with warm water. Avoid very cold water or very hot water. They damage the hair. Use fingers to apply the shampoo and work it through the hair. Do not tug or pull the hair. Lather up and rinse hair after shampoo. Apply a conditioner, if desired. Let hair dry naturally or use a dryer on low setting.

Wen By Chaz Dean

Perhaps, you’ve already heard of the fabulous new hair care system. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a 5 in 1 treatment that is very gentle on the hair. It does not remove natural oils from the hair. It adds moisture, bounce, and shine.

Chaz Dean is a hair stylist to the stars in Hollywood. Chaz Dean is also the creator of the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner system, At one time, only his private clients were able to get their hands on this system. Now, it is available to the public. Get beautiful hair with the Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner.

More product information available on Follow Wen on Twitter to get your daily dose of proper hair care tips!


FreedomPop and the future of mobile data

It’s happened again. You’re in an airport or the library, ready to get some work done, when your wifi connection gives out. Or you’re at home and just need a better signal. FreedomPop is a startup that feels your pain, and they’re doing something about it by offering a better, cheaper wireless internet and phone package – one that goes everywhere. Through FreedomPop, if you’re ever stuck without wifi, you can access over 8 million mobile hotspots. But it also offers even more.


The company has taken the mobile world by storm. USAToday’s FreedomPop review describes the service as a “disruption to the consumer cellular market.”


In a PTMoney review updated for 2017, Emily Guy Berkin writes, “FreedomPop’s big claim to fame is their completely free cell phone service, which offers 500MB of 4G data in addition to 200 voice minutes and unlimited texting, although sending and receiving texts will eat up your data. In addition to being completely free, FreedomPop does not require any contracts and there are no cancellation fees or any of the other don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out fees customers often have to bear with other mobile service providers.”


FreedomPop is backed by Niklas Zennstom, the founder of Skype, a company that also offers free calling and instant messaging worldwide.


Like many other startups, FreedomPop came out of the gate with big money. In a funding round that ended in June 2015, FreedomPop had raised $52 million and was doubling its subscriber base every four to five months. t’s only gotten more popular since then. Part of FreedomPop’s appeal definitely lies in its base free plan, but if 500MB seems like too little data, FreedomPop also has a premium unlimited plan, for just $20 a month. It even lets you onboard your current device. But there’s no contract and no commitment.


Why can FreedomPop give such competitive offers? It uses a combination of wifi connections and Sprint’s cellular network when there are gaps. The future of #StayingConnected is here.


How to Become a Model

It is not easy to become a successful model. Some of the individuals who want to become models give up their dreams early, just because they believe they are not good enough for the runway. If you are planning to become a mode, keep the following in mind.

Stop making excuses

Aspiring models keep making excuses as to why they have not been successful. You must remain confident and very aggressive towards your plans if you want to succeed in this career. Without positive energy, it will be hard to achieve any of your goals.

Take action

When making any important decision in life, this is a crucial step. However, many individuals neglect this step. Many aspiring models think about it, but at the end of the day, they do nothing. The people who have been successful in this career have sacrificed their time and effort to get where they are today. All you have to do is take action.

Practice your poses

There are several great models in the world, and all of them are known for their great poses. Experts say that the way a model poses speaks volumes about them. Use Google and other sites like Twitter to search for poses and emulate them. Whenever you are doing any poses, ensure that your face, legs, and arms should be involved.

Get a god photographer then search for an agent

Most models start searching for an agent even before they have good photographs from a reliable photographer. You must get a professional photographer who is good at their job, and they should charge you an affordable amount. However, remember that good quality photographs take time. A coach will also help your journey to become a model. They will hold your hand all through, ensuring that you reach your destination without problems.

Brown Agency is a successful modeling agency. The commercial modeling agency was started fifteen years ago, and it is headquartered in Austin. The modeling agency is believed to be owned by Brown Agency Family, and it is one of the fastest growing commercial modeling agencies in the United States. The agency was to establish market standards in Austin and other parts of the world. The company has managed to employ a big number of fashion models in the country. Despite the high completion, The Brown Agency has remained one of the best agencies in the country.

Justin Brown serves as the president of the commercial modeling agency. Under his leadership, the institution has been successful. When selecting the models, the institution picks the most talented individuals, trains, and prepares them to be ready for the competitive market. This explains why it has managed to do so well over the years. For more info, visit

Martin Lustgarten and his Successful Investment Banking Company

Investing is not a matter of the week. It involves several risks, and one must apply wisdom on all their investments. Money spent in the investment industry can return profits that run several times over. Many people are that are interested in the investment industry are never sure how to go about it. One great idea is to seek the help of professionals. Professionals can assist you through the use of investment banks and investment companies. Martin Lustgarten is one expert in the investment banking industry. Throughout the years, he has shown a complete understanding of everything that happens in the investment industries. The result is that he has gained clients from all over his country and from different parts of the world.

One advice that Martin gives is that investment is not a homebound venture. There are many investors that find it risky to invest in another place outside their country. Most Americans look at their stock markets and find it that it is at the top of the table. However, it becomes an issue when these investments do not pay off as they expected. Martin has ensured that customers can invest in different places of the world besides America. He has studied the foreign markets and understood them quite well. For instance, he knows that Asia and Europe have robust markets in the world today. Apart from that, he has an in-depth understanding of several trading activities in South America.

Martin Lustgarten has built his name to become a highly successful and respected banker. He holds dual citizenship in Austria and Venezuela. His success in the investment industry has seen him gain a lot of fame. He has advanced knowledge, especially in international investments. Martin believes that risks associated with any investment are limited if spread across different countries. He can pay attention to foreign markets simultaneously. He keeps in touch with happenings of different countries to ensure that he gets out of an investment quickly. Martin Lustgarten has built his base of operations mainly in Florida. The location has been ideal because he offers service to people in South America and North America region.