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The Real Estate Investments Of Jim Toner

For many years Jim Toner has served as a real estate investor, radio show host, speaker, and consultant. His real estate investment programs are so in demand that real estate investors all over the country often pay $2,000 to $15,000 to attend them. Over the course of his decades-long career, he has developed his highly respected and very effective program, 12 Little Houses Plan.

He also does private coaching for this area and is constantly accepting new coaching clients for real estate investment. His entrepreneurial drive into a variety of areas has made him million through the years and an extremely successful businessman. While he has encountered failures along the way, he has always learned from these failures. It was from his biggest failure a few years ago in which he lost his entire fortune that he learned his biggest lesson about how to succeed.

As a result of what he learned, he was making tons of money in a little over a year. But business is not his only passion. He still tells this story and what he learned from it to his students. His students nationwide know him as “The Anti-Guru.” Girded with his very valued expertise, Jim Toner often appears on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS. He has also worked for years as a philanthropist to veteran and homeless groups. Toner does all of this and at the same time runs a limited private client group.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner is part of a close-knit group of entrepreneurs who call themselves the “Band of Rebels.” They call themselves this because they are open about being rebellious against the system. They are united in their belief that the system instigates obstacles to entrepreneurial success.

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Upwork Shares Tips For Getting Through Your To-Do List

Upwork is an online marketplace that helps freelancers find jobs in categories such as design, mobile development and customer service. It is a great place to find jobs that allow you to set your schedule and work on projects you enjoy.

If you are like many other freelancers, you create a to-do list with the tasks you need to complete each day. However, you may find yourself working into the evening or weekend to complete your to-do list. Upwork has shared several tips for getting through your to-do list. You can use the tips to finish your tasks without working overtime.

Prepare Your To-Do List The Night Before

The time you spend creating your to-do list every morning could be spent working on your tasks. You can save time by preparing your to-do list before you go to bed each night. It gives you the chance to figure out what task you are going to work on first, and you can get started on the task while your energy levels are still up.

Store Your Tasks In One Place

If you are like other freelancers, you have some tasks written down and others saved on applications. This means you have to look in several places to find every task on your list, and there is a chance you are going to forget about one or two tasks. Whether you are using a notebook or an application, it is important to store your tasks in one place. This way, you can access your entire to-do list in just a matter of minutes.

Break Down Your Tasks Into Steps

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you look at the amount of work on your to-do list. The best thing you can do is break down your tasks into smaller steps. One example is a blog post. The steps may include the research, rough draft, editing, final draft and submission. Your motivation is sure to increase as you get through the steps of each task.

The key to getting through your to-do list in a timely manner is to always be prepared for each work day.

Victoria Doramus and the Path to New Self-Discovery

According to a news article published on on July 6, 2018, Victoria Doramus discusses the path to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and how to make a lasting impact in your life. She overcame her struggles by attending an extended treatment center and a self-help method that involves helping other people that are in the same situation as her in addition to hard work and staying humble. She also found relief by wirting an addiction memoir called Adderall: A Love Story, about her drug experience and journey. Although her memoir did not get published, she has proceeded to make helping others her main focus. This has given her success in her recovery because it helps her stay sober, and build an environment that is built on her peers and personal responsibility.

According to Soundcloud, Victoria Doramus claims that her addiction is built and resolved from self-awareness and self-peace rather than drugs or alcohol. She incorporated an addiction therapist into her recovery regimen but ultimately felt that being part of groups and being around people helped her most.


Victoria Doramus claims that addicts do have a choice and must always keep their best interest in mind. She says that this can only happen when you take personal responsibility for your actions and that it is acceptable to recognize your mistakes or poor decisions. This will make way for new learning, healing and allows the individual to begin to grow. Change is the main purpose and goal of recovery and once you achieve it is a source of happiness and constant evolution. See Victoria Doramus’ closet on


14 years of brilliance work by DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani

The United Arab Emirates is synonymous with many things. The most common thing with the UAE development narrative is the rate at which the place developed. The story of Dubai’s impressive story is incomplete with a mention of Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani who a trained engineer from the prestigious University of Washington has been one of the history makers in the Dubai magic growth.

Hussain Sajwani story to the world of business goes back to his early days. His father who was in business introduced him to free enterprise. However, the government scholarship redefined the entrepreneurship route to the business mogul known today. DAMAC Properties has been one of the trendsetters in the properties development in the UAE, various Middle East countries, and Britain.

The success story of DAMAC Properties is due to the company’s choice of niche. As a development company under the renowned Hussain Sajwani, the company has over the years concentrated on luxury real estate business. During the early years of the Dubai expansion, there was a lack of high-end developers in the UAE. With the experience, which DAMAC owner had acquired from the previous positions, he was able to build DAMAC Properties successfully.

DAMAC Properties as a company has been relevant even after many years of existence due to the following reasons. First, the company’s efficiency is unparalleled. The world of properties development is competitive and for a company to be successful, it must be efficient. The company has over the years designed and built one of the most breathtaking properties in UAE. With a history of efficiency and proper designs, the position of DAMAC owner is central to the next phase of the Dubai growth.

The company’s growth is central to DAMAC owner’s ability to coordinate the financial features of this company, the legal aspects of UAE property development and his knowledge to property sales. Currently, DAMAC Properties Company is in all major cities in the Middle East as well as London. The company’s success shows the administrative prowess of the management led by Hussain Sajwani.

The company is currently a home to more than two thousand employees.

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Perseverance and Drive Led Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner, to the Top…Twice

What does one do when they have worked hard to reach the heights of success, and have the world at their fingertips only to have it all come crashing down without warning? For most people, this would be devastating, and they would just give up and fade away into obscurity. For a man like Hussain Sajwani however, when this occurred this wasn’t a life-shattering defeat, it was a challenge. Hussain Sajwani, the colorful and sometimes boisterous DAMAC Owner, has never been one to shy away from a challenge, in fact, he thrives on them and has his entire life. It was this drive to always be better than the current version of himself that led him from humble roots to being one of the richest, most powerful, and most recognizable men in the world.

According to, Hussain Sajwani is the son of a shopkeeper and a housewife. His early days have been well chronicled to be sure. Also well-known is the way that he rose to the top of the real estate development market and became a very wealthy man by taking chances and being a shrewd and calculating businessman. What many do not know is the quiet story of how he almost lost everything and through perseverance, he struggled to not only come back to the top but to be even better than he was before.

The DAMAC Group was enjoying the best position in the market that it had ever had. In addition to the company’s real estate development division, there were many other highly diversified business operations under the DAMAC umbrella. Life was good for Sajwani, his family, his investors and everyone else associated with DAMAC.  As mentioned on Saudi Projects, it seemed as though the golden age being enjoyed might not ever end, of course, no one expected the massive global economic downturn that hit all sectors hard, but especially the real estate development industry. As companies lost value, resources dried up, and projects shut down, the DAMAC Group was no safer than any other development firm. Of course, thanks to the heavy diversification, and the rapid action taken by Hussain Sajwani and his senior team, the damage to the company’s operation and assets was able to be limited and, in many cases, greatly mitigated. It was due to the expert leadership and determination that Hussain possesses that the company was able to turn around its downward trend faster than most others in its class. It was this rapid turnaround that subsequently led to the DAMAC Group being able to position itself to take advantage of the rebound in the market that came as the economy got back on track.

Today, Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Group are better heeled than they were even before the global economic crisis, and that is directly attributable to the rapid action taken by Hussain and his skillful administration of the company both before and during the crisis, as well as his positive leadership after the recovery was underway. He is a model example of how one can reach the top only to fall, but also how crucial it is to get back up and climb once more.

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Matt Badiali Reminds All That Have Not Benefitted From Freedom Checks That It Is Not Too Late

Many failed to heed the call when Matt Badiali urged them to seek the benefits of what he called ‘Freedom Checks.’ But for those that chose to perform further research into this possibility and went on to invest in this little-known opportunity, the payday is now at hand. And even as Freedom Check beneficiaries begin to cash in on the investment there are still many questions remaining as to what Freedom Checks are, and what they are not.

Matt Badiali explains that Freedom Checks are not a get rich quick scheme or a government entitlement program. They are in fact an investment in legitimate security that must be purchased before a return can be obtained. What is different is that Freedom Checks are expected to consistently outperform most other investment vehicles on the market.

The companies that Matt Badiali point out are excellent to use for investments in Freedom Checks use funds to pay workers, purchase tools and machinery, and market products that were produced by using natural resources. These companies are in need of a significant investment of capital in order to operate which opens the door for investors to benefit. The potential to investors is further enhanced due to the fact that the United States government provides incentives for these companies to utilize these natural resources and the companies, in turn, are required to pass these benefits along to investors.

Individuals that may be concerned with the legalities of Freedom Checks should note that the rules sanctioning the investment opportunity go back 30 years into the tax code. Legislation passed by Congress in 1987, made companies that earned 90 percent of their revenue from the production, storage, or transportation of natural resources in America exempt from paying taxes on these earnings. The statute concerning these tax laws is known as 26-F and has been reviewed and upheld by every state in the Union.

Matt Badiali urges the many who did not initially capitalize on this incredible opportunity to do so as soon as possible. The companies taking part in this program in order to enjoy the benefits of the tax exemptions are required to give a designated portion of their profits to investors which mean the sooner investments are made in Freedom Checks the more investors will benefit over time.

What Can Infinity Group Do To Reduce Your Debt Further

There is no one in this world who likes to have an increasing debt every single year. That’s why if you can afford it, it’s best to seek the help of services that can handle your finances better as they have debt reduction techniques that you will surely love to have on your own financial account. Debt reduction or debt relief is a method that involves slowing and complete halt of a debt’s growth – whether it’s owned by a person or a group/corporation. Infinity Group Australia reviews state that services like Infinity Group definitely focus first on debt reduction to ensure the growth and stability of a business for the long term.



But how does the debt reduction feature of financial services provide solutions to lessen one’s debt? Here are the following:


Setting Up Plans


Planning to pay your debts will become easier to be done with the help of these services as they will do that part rather than you. They will provide their own special means of handling debt by planning the way you pay for them. The pay-down process will also involve certain tips and advice depending on the condition of your company and the way you manage the finances. The company will provide advice such as limiting your personal and business spending habits, as well as find ways to increase your money by selling certain items or investments out.


Payment Adjustments


The company will assist you in getting the right rate that you can pay every month or every week to the loaning company that you’re indebted with. The help of the company can guarantee you a hassle-free means of paying up your debt as they will make sure that everything will be close to a balance on your account. This will definitely leave you some extra cash afterward as well. They can provide payment options for highest or lowest interests and balances.



Debt reduction is a process that simply requires a person to adjust the way they handle finances, as well as providing the best means to pay the outstanding debt for good. This will ensure that no more debt growth will happen in the future to ensure excellent financial fitness that every business and individual deserves. So if you can’t handle the way you pay debts at the moment, always remember that an expert in finance is always ready to assist you at any given time. Learn more:



Watch Chainsmokers Record A Song

It would be difficult to find a musical act hotter than the Chainsmokers right now. Good news just keeps pouring out of this American DJ duo as they garner more and more international fame. They’ve become the first #1 Dance Artist/DJ to be included on Billboards New Dance 100 List which recognizes the strongest hitmakers on planet Earth. And before you go downplaying this honor, know that the list is data-driven. It is literally a list of the strongest musical acts on an economic basis. Simply put — they make bank.

And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been cranking out hit after hit ever since their debut single “#Selfie” back in 2014. The dance song dropped just as summer hit and it became an anthem for a generation. The song’s popularity is rather ironic as it makes fun of self-absorbed people taking pictures of themselves to share across social media. It’s kind of funny to watch the Chainsmokers sing their hit to a generation known for selfies.

The song was such a smash hit that T-shirts were made featuring “#Selfie” on the chest. Soon after their first hit single, they dropped their debut EP “Bouquet.” They then followed it up with hit singles like “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Sick Boy.” And now they’re teasing fans with a new video for the making of “Somebody.”

“Somebody” is definitively Chainsmokers. It is a wall of sound infused with a groovy beat and manipulated noises. And you get to watch Andrew Taggart as he puts together the catchy sounds of “Somebody.”

Sitting at the piano, Andrew Taggart lays down a chilling high-pitched melody. It makes you think that he’s actually creating a ballad before he starts playing a baseline on the keyboards. He then moves on over to the computer to manipulate all the sounds that he’s just recorded to give it that EDM edge.

Then things get really interesting. He turns to the camera to explain that the vocals were actually recorded for a different song altogether. He then leans over the computer, toggles some switches and the vocals suddenly become two steps higher and perfect for “Somebody.”

Given Their Expertise, It’s No Wonder NewsWatch TV Has Earned Such Glowing Reviews

NewsWatch TV, a reputable and reliable media outlet, touches on topics of topical interest. From breaking entertainment news to up-and-coming trends in technology, NewsWatch TV delivers objective, stimulating, and riveting accounts of the latest news. Andrew Tropeano, the show’s incomparable host, works alongside Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges, the special reports team, to report stories as they unfold. If you’d like to catch an episode, NewsWatch TV airs on the ION Network every week, with bi-monthly streamings on The AMC Network as well.

Launched in 1990, NewsWatch TV has ample experience in the industry. Thus, they’ve become an eminent member of the production, entertainment, and media domains. Over 25 years, nearly 10,000 stories have been narrated across this platform, each as engrossing as the last. From Jennifer Lawrence and Denzel Washington to Chris Pratt and Mila Kunis, NewsWatch TV has enticed many A-list celebrities to appear on the show. Above all else, NewsWatch TV has elicited a positive response and outpouring of support from the public.

NewsWatch TV often serves as a nexus between the public and specific brands. In such cases, NewsWatch TV is tasked with delivering messages in a manner that accurately and adequately reflects the company they’ve partnered with. According to a handful of testimonials, NewsWatch TV executes this task with eloquence and understanding. In fact, some companies attribute their success to NewsWatch TV’s expert conveyance and deliverance of subject matter.

What companies find most intriguing and inspiring about NewsWatch TV is their intimate knowledge of the market. More specifically, their firm understanding of PR, the whims of consumers, and product endorsement. During one crowdfunding campaign, NewsWatch TV generated over $450,000 in one month thanks to their diligence and artful execution. In essence, NewsWatch TV is not only an established news outlet, but they’re a dependable partner as well.


Anil Chaturvei’s Experience in the International Banking Industry

Inside of the financial industry, Anil Chaturvedi is a man who has gained a tremendous amount of experience while working for various banks for well over four decades. Over the course of his long and successful career, Mr. Chaturvedi has had the pleasure of working with a variety of different companies and clients from different backgrounds. Chaturvedi’s expertise and extensive knowledge has enabled him to make a strong impact with his clients, who have him to thank for much of their success.


Although Anil Chaturvedi has had many different jobs throughout his time in the financial industry, his name has always been one with a great reputation. His career has crossed borders, and he has been able to serve important roles at some of the most prominent international banks in existence. While working at these banks, Mr. Chaturvedi has proven that he is dedicated to consistent improvement. Thanks to his work ethic and vast experience within the industry, Chaturvedi has been able to work his way up to better and better positions over time.


During his banking career, one thing that Anil Chaturvedi has proven to be quite proficient at is cross-border transactions. It is thanks to his background that he has been able to carry out much of his work in this specific niche with the banking industry. Anil Chaturvedi spent his childhood in India, and he graduated with honors from Delhi University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and his MBA in Financial Management.


After completing his studies, one of his earliest jobs in the financial industry was working with the State Bank of India. There, he worked diligently as the manager of the companies planning and development. Eventually, Chaturvedi decided to embark on a new journey and decided to move all the way to the United States. ANZ Grindlays Bank became his new workplace in New York. After this, he then found a new position at Merril Lynch, where he made quite an impact as the company’s Managing Director. Today, Chaturvedi lives in Switzerland, and he is the Managing Director of another bank called Hinduja Bank.